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Do You Think You’re Better Than Me? ()

Produced by

Rose Coloured Theatre and Small Friend Tall Friend

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Zoe Marin and Becky Ablack
Directors: Becky Ablack and Zoe Marin


Aki Studio


July 6th, 2023 – July 16th, 2023


Do YOU think you’re BETTER than me? Come watch our sketch comedy revue about friendship, being in your 20s, pop culture, identity politics, and the “industry”… and find out FOR YOURSELF! (Warning: We have songs, projections, AND the cast is really attractive so keep that in mind). (


Becky Ablack Performer
David Čivčić Performer
Rayhan Jabbar Performer
Zoe Marin Performer
Stephanie Perri Performer

Creative Team

Zoe Marin Creator
Becky Ablack Creator
Becky Ablack Director
Zoe Marin Director
Simran Kapoor Lighting Designer
Rehaan Lachporia Sound Designer
Matteo Da Costa Costume Designer
Zoe Marin Projection Designer
Rebecca Fadoju Set Designer
Rebecca Fadoju Prop Designer


Hayley Crowder Stage Manager
Noah Webster Production Manager
Romi Shraiter Producer
Trinity Lloyd Publicity Designer
Qadira Nazarali Head Marketer
Trinity Lloyd Assistant Marketer
Trinity Lloyd Publicity Designer