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Fallen Angel and The Devil Concubine

Fallen Angel and the Devil Concubine ()

Produced by

b current and Theatre Archipelago

Playwrights: Honor Ford-Smith and Carol Lawes and Eugene Williams and Hertencer Lindsay and Pat Cumper
Director: ahdri zhina mandiela


The Great Hall – Longboat Hall


May 24th, 2006 – June 4th, 2006


Now celebrating it’s 16th birthday, b current and one of Toronto’s newest companies Theatre Archipelago join forces for the Canadian premiere of Fallen Angel and the Devil Concubine! This venerable work from Jamaica’s GroundWork Collective makes its way onto the Toronto artistic scene with a fresh adaptation after successful runs in the USA and England. 

Also widely produced in varying countries in the Caribbean, Fallen Angel and the Devil Concubine illustrates one of contemporary dramatic works of the region, which deftly evokes the cultural and socio-political environment permeating the everyday lives of the populace in these island nations. “Fallen Angel and the Devil Concubine” crosses the cultural and regional divide in several ways, and shows that though the locale and time may differ, the issues that the homeless and poor face parallels greatly within our own communities. With this incredible story unraveling in the belly of Toronto’s historic Parkdale neighborhood, this performance will ignite sparks of understanding, compassion and emotion. (


Rhoma Spencer Lettie
John Blackwood Katie

Creative Team

Honor Ford-Smith Playwright (as Groundwork Theatre Collective)
Carol Lawes Playwright (as Groundwork Theatre Collective)
Eugene Williams Playwright (as Groundwork Theatre Collective)
Hertencer Lindsay Playwright (as Groundwork Theatre Collective)
Pat Cumper Playwright (as Groundwork Theatre Collective)
ahdri zhina mandiela Director
Julia Tribe Set Designer
Julia Tribe Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Nicholas Murray Sound Designer


Andrea Schurman Stage Manager
Kimahli Powell Producer
Doug Morum Production Manager
Rebecca Fisseha Production Assistant
Katie Porter Assistant Stage Manager
Ian Chappell Head Scenic Carpenter
Chris Carlton Assistant Scenic Carpenter
Lindsay Anne Black Scenic Artist
J. Louis Berenguer Load in Crew
David Duclos Load in Crew
Dianne Weinrib Media Publicist
Jivko Ivanov Graphic Designer
Marc Lukacs Photography
Christine Harris Community Outreach
Afrakaren Niles Community Outreach
Cheryl McKenzie Community Outreach
Keith Phillip Opening Night Reception Catering