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Happy Days

Happy Days: A New Musical ()

Produced by

CBS Corporation and La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts and McMcCoy Rigby Entertainment and Nice Productions, Inc.

Presented by

Dancap Productions Inc.

Developed by

Paper Mill Playhouse and Goodspeed Opera House and Falcon Theatre

Book: Garry Marshall
Music: Paul Williams
Lyrics: Paul Williams
Creator: Garry Marshall
Director: Gordon Greenberg


Elgin Theatre


February 3rd, 2009 – February 15th, 2009


Goodbye gray skies, hello blue! Happy days are here again with Richie, Potsie, Ralph Malph and the unforgettable “king of cool” Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli. Based on the hit television series, HAPPY DAYS – A New Musical reintroduces one of America’s best loved families, the Cunninghams, and the days of 1959 Milwaukee complete with varsity sweaters, hula hoops, and jukebox sock-hoppin’.

The famed drive-in malt shop and number one hang-out, Arnold’s, is in danger of demolition, so the gang teams up to save it with a dance contest and tv-worthy wrestling match. This perfectly family-friendly musical will have you rockin’ and rollin’ all week long! (


Barry Pearl Arnold Delvecchio / Understudy for Howard
Joey Sorge Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli
Cynthia Ferrer Marion Cunningham
Felicia Finley Pinky Tuscadero
Matt Walker Leopard Mac Gates / Jumpy Malachi
Matt Merchant Leopard Alvin Moon / Myron "Count" Malachi
Chris Fore Charles "Chachi" Arcola / Understudy for The Fonz
John Massey Joanie Cunningham / Understudy for Joanie
Natalie Alvarez Lori Beth Allen
Gabrielle Reed Pinkette Carolina / Understudy for Pinky
Leah Sprecher Pinkette Harriet / Understudy for Marion
James Michael Lambert Ralph Malph / Understudy for Richie, Chachi
Steven Booth Richie Cunningham
Daniel Robinson Warren "Potside" Webber / Understudy for The Fonz
Joseph Keane Ensemble / Understudy for Chachi, Ralph, Potsie
Rayne Marcus Ensemble / Understudy for Joanie, Lori Beth
Jaclyn Miller Swing/ Understudy for Pinkettes, Car Hops, Lori Beth
Jeff Sumner Swing / Understudy for Jumpy Malachi, James Dean, Leopard Gates, Arnold, Count Malachi

Creative Team

Garry Marshall Book
Paul Williams Music
Paul Williams Lyrics
Garry Marshall Based on the Paramount Pictures Television Series "Happy Days", Created By
Gordon Greenberg Director
Raymond Zillerberg Assistant Director
Walt Spangler Set Designer
David C. Woolard Costume Designer
Jeff Croiter Lighting Designer
Michele Lynch Choreographer
Judi Lewin Hair, Wig & Makeup Designer
Bruce Barnes Music Director
Eric Sean Fogel Assistant Choreographer
Cynthia Ferrer Dance Captain
John McDaniel Music Arrangements
John McDaniel Orchestrations
Grant Yeager Assistant to The Lighting Designer


Bruce Barnes Keyboard I
Adam Wachter Keyboard II
Adam Wachter Assistant Conductor
Ralph Agresta Electric Guitar / Banjo
Brad Briscoe Drums / Percussion
John Convertino Electric Bass
Rodney Lancaster Trombone
Ken Mullin Trumpet
Jeremy Clayton Reeds


Lynda A. Lavin Production Stage Manager
Garry Marshall Executive Producer
Tom McCoy Producer (McCoy Rigby Entertainment)
Cathy Rigby Producer (McCoy Rigby Entertainment)
Brian Kite Producer
Rob Boyett Producer (Robert Boyett Theatricals)
Heather Hall Producer (Nice Productions Inc.)
Kathleen Marshall Producer (Nice Productions Inc.)
Ronny Hallin Producer (Nice Productions Inc.)
Thomas L. Miller Producer
K Lee Harvey General Manager (SenovvA Inc.)
Tom McCoy General Management (McCoy Rigby Entertainment)
Cathy Rigby General Management (McCoy Rigby Entertainment)
John McDaniel Music Supervision
Julia Flores Casting Director
William Alan Coats First Assistant Stage Manager
Tyler Rhodes Second Assistant Stage Manager
Christopher Holman Company Manager
Buck Mason Production Management
Gina Farina Production Management
L. Glenn Popplton Tour Direction (Avid Touring Group Ltd.)
Ron Gubin Tour Direction (Avid Touring Group Ltd.)
Wendy Orshan Producing Consultant (101 Productions, Ltd.)
Jeffrey M. Wilson Producing Consultant (101 Productions, Ltd.)
Dave Auster Producing Consultant (101 Productions, Ltd.)
Jeff Sharratt Production Carpenter
Marcy Froehlich Production Costume Coordinator
Joshua Bessen Assistant Sound Designer
Martin Blacker Master Carpenter
Michael Martinez Master Electrician
Brett Rothstein Sound Engineer
Donna Mcnaughton Wardrobe Supervisor
Ron Mann Property Master
Leon Lobsinger Flyman
Gary Domasin Hair and Make-Up Head
Michael Guessaman 2nd Assistant Carpenter
John Whitlock Assistant Electrician
Kaitlin McCoy 2nd Assistant Electrician
Jon Campbell Assistant Sound
Lorna Lombardo Assistant Wardrobe
Samantha Taylor Assistant Props
Jim Mironchik Synth & Sampler Programming
Jay Hansen Additional Sound Effects
Jay Hilton Additional Sound Effects
Anita Dloniak Tour Marketing and Press (Anita Dloniak & Associates)
Diane Rodes Tour Marketing and Press (Anita Dloniak & Associates)
Melissa A. Hazek Tour Marketing and Press (Anita Dloniak & Associates)
Ana Lara McCoy Rigby Entertainment Staff
Theresa Flemming McCoy Rigby Entertainment Staff
Jessica S. Francis Booking Operations
Ingrid Kloss Booking Operations
Eric Yingling Graphic Design (Reason, Llc)
Michael Lamont Production Photographer