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Humble Boy ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwright: Charlotte Jones
Director: Richard Rose


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


January 3 - 9, 2006


January 10th, 2006 – February 12th, 2006


“Theoretical physicists don’t get out much.”

Astrophysicist Felix Humble’s father has just died, his mother wants to marry his ex-girlfriend’s father and his stutter has returned. If only he could understand the world like he understands string theory. But he can’t even decide what to do with his father’s ashes. In this Hamlet-esque comedy, love, death and family come together as Felix tries to uncover the theory of everything. (


Michael Ball George Pye
Ian D. Clark Jim the Gardener
Sarah Dodd Rosie Pye
Dean Paul Gibson Felix Humble
Nicola Lipman Mercy Lott
Fiona Reid Flora Humble

Creative Team

Charlotte Jones Playwright
Richard Rose Director
Charlotte Dean Set Designer
Charlotte Dean Costume Designer
Andrea Lundy Lighting Designer
Todd Charlton Sound Designer
Todd Charlton Composer
Joanna Falck Production Dramaturg
Alan Dilworth Assistant Director
John Stead Fight Director


Kate Macdonnell Stage Manager
Kinnon Elliott Apprentice Stage Manager
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Arras Hopkins Assistant Carpenter
Katri Tahvanainen Cutter
Michael Cooper Photographer
Kilby Smith-McGregor Graphic Designer
J. Louis Berenguer Carpentry Crew
Dan Kurek Carpentry Crew
Marcus Rak Carpentry Crew
Kevin Steeper Carpentry Crew
Allan Day Electrics Crew
Dan McIlmoyl Electrics Crew
Shanna Miller Electrics Crew
Michelle Ramsay Electrics Crew
Lindsay Anne Black Props Assistant
Kizzie Sutton Electrics Crew
Kassim Warner Electrics Crew
Carolyn Choo Properties Crew
Vanessa Janiszewski Properties Crew
Chelsea Roberson Properties Crew
J. Louis Berenguer Painting Crew
Fiona Kennedy Painting Crew
Michelene Sutherland Painting Crew


Mike Ledermueller Mainspace Technician
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Gillian Rode Head of Properties
Lindsay Anne Black Head Scenic Artist
Jolene Antle Head of Wardrobe
Ian Chappell Head Carpenter