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Ignorance ()

Produced by

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Directed By: The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Written by: The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and Anonymous Contributors



The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


November 27th, 2012 – December 15th, 2012


Cavemen, beastly primates, and various sabre-toothed rodents lock wits and horns in this completely adult puppet show from Calgary’s world-renowned Old Trout Puppet Workshop. A documentary about the evolution of happiness, Ignorance is about searching for our lost bliss – trying to find out where joy came from and where it’s gone. Sure, we’ve got microwaves, airplanes, and a nagging sense of dissatisfaction – but our grunting, howling prehistoric ancestors might just have felt more at home in the world. (


Nicolas Di Gaetano Performer
Trevor Leigh Performer
Viktor Lukawski Performer
Judd Palmer Narrator

Creative Team

Jen Gareau Costumes
Cimmeron Meyer Lighting Designer
Jamie Nesbitt Projection Designer
Trevor Leigh Sound Designer


Paul Bezaire Stage Manager
Rio Mitchell Production Manager
Peter Balkwill Puppet Builder
Erin Baskerville Puppet Builder
Juanita Dawn Puppet Builder
Nicolas Di Gaetano Puppet Builder
Jen Gareau Puppet Builder
Pityu Kenderes Puppet Builder
Deneen McArthur Puppet Builder
Judd Palmer Puppet Builder
Jonathan Davis Puppet Builder
Kyla Read Puppet Builder
Shawna Reiter Puppet Builder
Peter Balkwill Props Builder
Erin Baskerville Props Builder
Juanita Dawn Props Builder
Nicolas Di Gaetano Props Builder
Jen Gareau Props Builder
Pityu Kenderes Props Builder
Deneen McArthur Props Builder
Judd Palmer Props Builder
Jonathan Davis Props Builder
Kyla Read Props Builder
Shawna Reiter Props Builder
Paul Dutton Animations
Sitji Chou Animations
Jessi Schroeyers-Frederick Animations
Tyler Lemermeyer Animations
Laurana Rayne Costume Assistant
Donna Mark Set Construction


Vladimir Vukovic Director of Production
Peter Eaton Technical Director
Jasmine Knox Production Coordinator
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Alex Vass Metcalf Foundation Properties Intern
Douglas Arculus Operations Manager
Colin Benoit Berkeley Senior Head Technician
Jay Blencowe Berkeley Head Technician
Cecilia Waszczuk Berkeley Junior Head Technician
Alanna McConnell Intern