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Jerry Springer – The Opera ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Music: Richard Thomas
Book: Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas
Lyrics: Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee
Director: Mark Selby

Based on the original by Richard Ouzounian


Hart House Theatre


September 24th, 2009 – October 10th, 2009


This British Blockbuster has all the elements that one has come to expect from the Jerry Springer Show including the world’s worst sexual deviants in front of a bloodthirsty and carnivorous studio audience. (


James Schedlich Steve
Oliver Spicer Security Guard
Joe Vermeulen Security Guard
Jason Zinger Jonathan (Warm-Up Guy) / Satan
Byron Rouse Jerry Springer
Gregory Finney Dwight / God / Klan Dancer
Louisa O’Keane Peaches / Baby Jane
Brandi Hewitt Zandra / Irene / Mary / Klan Dancer
Phedra L’Abbé Valkyrie / Understudy
Ian Bender Tremont / Angel Gabriel
Scott Gorman Montel / Adam
Hayley Toane Andrea / Archangel Michael / Klan Dancer
Kelly Holiff Shawntel / Eve
Carl Swanson Chucky / Jesus / Klan Dancer
Michael-David Blostein Ensemble
Qwyn Alexis Charter Ensemble / Klan Dancer
Brittany Kay Ensemble / Klan Dancer
Bianca B. Boom Ensemble
David Light Ensemble / Klan Dancer
Miranda Plant Ensemble
Patte Rosebank Ensemble / Understudy
Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski Ensemble / Klan Dancer
Maksym Shkvorets Ensemble
Amy Smith Ensemble / Understudy
Alexandra Statham Ensemble / Understudy
Andrea Wasserman Ensemble
Brian Waters Ensemble

Creative Team

Richard Thomas Music
Stewart Lee Book
Richard Thomas Book
Richard Thomas Lyrics
Stewart Lee Lyrics
Mark Selby Director
Lily Ling Musical Director
Sarah Harris Choreography (Based on original co-choreography with Shannon Cote)
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Brandon Kleiman Set Designer
Gareth Crew Lighting Designer
Greg Rainville Musical Assistant


Lily Ling Conductor
Lily Ling Keyboard 1
Jordann Zaza Keyboard 2
Taylor Cook Flute / Clarinet / Tenor Sax
Chris Hunsburger Clarinet / Bass Clarinet / Soprano Sax
Matt MacLean Trumpet
Crystal Mallory Horn
Erik Patterson Guitar
Anton Rubisov Drums / Percussion


Melissa Major Stage Manager
Stefano Gelmi Assistant Stage Manager
Gian Mele Assistant Stage Manager
Keely O’Farrell Assistant Stage Manager
Ellen Ross Stuart Assistant Stage Manager
Christopher Wilson Sound Operator & Mixer
Ashley Rose Lighting Operator
Chad Camscho Followspot Operator
Matt Chung Production Crew
Xiaoxue (Iris) Ma Production Crew
Hayley Toane Dance Captain


Christopher Wilson House Technician