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Jesus Christ Superstar ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Lyricist: Tim Rice
Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Director: Luke Brown


Hart House Theatre


January 16th, 2015 – January 31st, 2015


The greatest rock-opera ever created, Jesus Christ Superstar has enthralled audiences since its historic and contentious Broadway opening in 1971. Based on the gospel accounts of Jesus’ final days, it is the first musical of its kind to question the divine nature of Jesus Christ. Thrilling audiences as much as it ignites debate, Jesus Christ Superstar contains some of the most memorable music of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s career—energetic, bold rock ‘n’ roll with a vocal score that is as epic as the story it tells. (


David Michael Moote Jesus
Aaron Williams Judas
Claire Hunter Mary
Harold Lumilan Simon
James King Peter
Matthew Fuller Caiaphas
Mark Gallagher Annas
Jeremy Hutton Pilate / Others
Saphire Demitro King Herod / Others
Bryan Kling Priest / Others
Stephanie Schmid Priest / Others
Sheree Spencer Priest / Others
Mathieu Aubin Apostle / Others
Alison Blair Apostle / Others
Mike Buchanan Apostle / Others
Scott Labonte Apostle / Others
Toshie Murohashi Apostle / Other
Chiano Panth Apostle / Other
Heath V. Salazar Apostle / Other
Jaymie Sampa Apostle / Other
Leah Sutton Apostle / Other

Creative Team

Tim Rice Lyricist
Andrew Lloyd Webber Music
Luke Brown Director
Anthony Bastianon Music Director
Amanda Nuttall Choreographer
Laura Gardner Set Designer
Sara Brzozowski Costume Designer
George Quan Lighting Designer
Jackie McClelland Props Supervisor
Nate Bitton Fight Director
Rebecca Ostroff Assistant Director
Giustin MacLean Associate Music Director
Laura Delchiaro Assistant Costume Designer
Savannah Forest Assistant Lighting Designer


Giustin MacLean Conductor
Giustin MacLean Keyboard
Anthony Bastianon Keyboard
Iain Leslie Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Erik Larson Bass
Pieter Huyer Drums
Toshie Murohashi Flute Soloist
Sheree Spencer Violin Soloist


Dustyn Wales Stage Manager
Stephanie Schmid Dance Captain
Jayden Hsueh Assistant Technical Director
Saheb Dhody Assistant Stage Manager
Sam Hale Assistant Stage Manager
Shashwat Sharma Assistant Stage Manager
Alexandra K. Smith Make-Up & Wigs
Lanndis De Lallo Props Assistant
Mathieu Aubin Fight Captain
Scott Gorman Carpenter