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Julius Caesar ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage

Director: Estelle Shook
Playwright: William Shakespeare


High Park Amphitheatre


July 2nd, 2015 – September 6th, 2015


Julius Caesar returns to Rome victorious over his rival Pompey and is celebrated as a hero. However, a group of conspirators see Caesar’s ambition to become king as a threat and convince his trusted friend Brutus that he should be killed in order to protect Rome from the possible consequences of this ambition.

Ignoring warnings from both his wife Calphurnia and a Soothsayer, Caesar is coaxed to the Senate where he is brutally murdered. Brutus justifies the assassination by claiming it to be a necessary act of love to end Caesar’s threatening aspirations. In a stirring speech, Mark Antony is able to convince the citizens of Rome otherwise, with reminders of Caesar’s good doings, his repeated refusal of the crown, and his generous property bequest to the people of Rome. The mob is roused to seek revenge on the conspirators, who flee the city.

The exiles form their own army to defend themselves against the army Antony has assembled with his coalition of Lepidus and Octavius. The opposing sides meet on the battlefield, resulting in murder and suicide. Antony’s triumvirate is victorious, but to what end truly has Rome bled? (


Christopher Allen Cinna
Dalal Badr Calpurnia
Sean Baek Brutus
Allegra Fulton Cassius
Soo Garay Carpenter
Kyle Golemba Decius
Jessica Greenberg Portia
Randi Helmers Trebonius
Allan Louis Caesar
Michael McManus Soothsayer
Dylan Trowbridge Antony
Naomi Wright Casca

Creative Team

Estelle Shook Director
William Shakespeare Playwright
Clive Mathibe Assistant Director
Ali Joy Richardson Assistant Director
Michelle Tracey Costume Designer
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Bradley A. Trenaman Lighting Designer
Cole Vincent Assistant Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Kelly Anderson Assistant Sound Designer
Simon Fon Fight Director


Sandy Plunkett Production Stage Manager
Laura Baxter Stage Manager
Andrea Baggs Assistant Stage Manager
Victoria Wang Apprentice Stage Manager
Rey Casino Mix Engineer
Vanessa Vai Mix Engineer
Michael Legouffe Dresser