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Liars at a Funeral ()

Produced by

Truth ‘n’ Lies Theatre

Playwright: Sophia Fabiilli
Director: Ali Joy Richardson


St. Vladimir’s Theatre


May 5th, 2017 – May 14th, 2017


Grandma Mavis stages her own funeral in order to reunite her estranged family… just in time for an ice storm to trap them all in a funeral home over Christmas. Can this eccentric clan of liars navigate the rocky road to reconciliation? Or will the next 24hrs be the final nail in this dysfunctional family’s coffin?

Featuring five actors playing nine characters, Liars at a Funeral is equally hilarious and heartbreaking. It’s also a teensy bit inspired by Hamlet. (


Terry Tweed Mavis
Ruby Joy Deedee / Mia
Rhea Akler Evelyn / Leorah
John Healy Frank / Bruce
Daniel Pagett Quint / Cam

Creative Team

Sophia Fabiilli Playwright
Ali Joy Richardson Director
Lindsay Woods Set Designer
Lindsay Woods Costume Designer
Nick Potter Sound Designer
Steph Raposo Lighting Designer


Laura Jabalee Johnston Producer
Sophia Fabiilli Producer
Lori Anderson Stage Manager
Neil Silcox Photographer
Neil Silcox Videographer