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Lindsay Woods

Costume Designer, Creator, Office & Outreach Manager, Office and Outreach Manager, Operations Manager, Performer, Production Manager, Prop Designer, Set Designer, Venue Operations Manager

Costume Designer

Gray () Costume Designer
White Wedding () Costume Designer
Liars at a Funeral () Costume Designer
Brave New World () Costume Designer
Hansel & Gretel () Costume Designer
The Hollow Square () Costumes
Birth of Frankenstein () Costume Designer


Pretty Little Instincts () Creator

Operations Manager

Avenue Q () Operations Manager


Pretty Little Instincts () Performer

Prop Designer

Gray () Prop Designer
Birth of Frankenstein () Prop Designer
Pretty Little Instincts () Props

Set Designer

Gray () Set Designer
White Wedding () Set Designer
Liars at a Funeral () Set Designer
Hansel & Gretel () Set Designer


Next Stage Theatre Festival Office and Outreach Manager
Next Stage Theatre Festival Production Manager
The SummerWorks Performance Festival Venue Operations Manager
The Toronto Fringe Festival Office & Outreach Manager