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Metamorphoses 2023 ()

Produced by

Crow’s Theatre and Theatre Smith-Gilmour

Playwrights: Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour
Director: Michele Smith

Written in collaboration with the performers


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Guloien Theatre


March 21st, 2023 – April 9th, 2023


Survival is at the core of METAMORPHOSES 2023, a bold and contemporary adaptation of Ovid’s epic poem “Metamorphoses” that incarnates the original text’s mythic elements through mime, illusion, spoken word, silence and Bharatanatyam dance.

METAMORPHOSES 2023 paints the landscape of a cruel world that could be our world and reminds us that to be alive is to be constantly changing, constantly transforming.(


Rob Feetham Narcissus / Hermaphorditus / Actaeon / Centaur
Dean Gilmour Tiresias / Centaur
Daniel Henkel Jupiter / Tereus / Pentheus / Centaur / Ceyx
Neena Jayarajan Juno / Philomela / Salmacis / Bacchantes / Diana
Sukruti Tirupattur Echo / Procne / Bacchantes / Caenis / Alcyone

Creative Team

Michele Smith Playwright
Dean Gilmour Playwright
Michele Smith Director
Simon Rossiter Lighting Designer
Tiana Kralj Set Designer
Tiana Kralj Costume Designer
Johnny Hockin Sound Designer
Johnny Hockin Music
Nic Vincent Assistant Lighting Designer


Andrew Dollar Stage Manager


LJ Savage Production Manager
Ryan Borshuk Technical Director
Jay Hines House Technician