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Mucedorus ()

Produced by

Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies and Poculi Ludique Societas

Director: Justin Blum


The Luella Massey Studio Theatre


November 21st, 2013 – November 24th, 2013


Arguably the most popular play of Shakespeare’s time and for many years after, Mucedorus is a fairytale romance featuring a princess in distress, a handsome prince in disguise, a wild man, a clown, and a bear. (


Nazli Akhtari King of Aragon / Rumbelo / Anselmo
Neil Babcock Mouse, the Clown
Adam Chan Mucedorus
Shakir Haq Segasto
Mike Kirby Bremo / Tremelio / Envy
Ashley Olah Amadine
Polly Phokeev Comedy / Old Woman / Collen (Messenger)

Creative Team

Justin Blum Director
Linda Phillips Costume Designer
Gabrielle Houle Movement Director
Casey Hudecki Fight Director
Brad Fraser Lighting Designer
Brad Fraser Production Designer
Bianca Hossain Lighting Designer
Bianca Hossain Production Designer
Gil Garratt Prop Designer


Linda Phillips Producer
Paul Stoesser Technical Director
Lisa Matsumoto Stage Manager
Christine Mazumdar Assistant Stage Manager
Teo Balcu Production Crew
Bianca Hossain Production Crew
Spencer Schunk Production Crew
Christopher Sutherland Production Crew
Jessica Thorp Production Crew
Lisa Matsumoto Production Crew
Louis Schreyer Duarte Poster Design