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Obeah Opera

Obeah Opera ()

Produced by

b current and Theatre Archipelago

Playwright: Nicole Brooks
Creator: Nicole Brooks
Composer: Nicole Brooks
Librettist: Nicole Brooks


918 Bathurst Centre for Culture


February 16th, 2012 – March 4th, 2012


Set in the late 17th century, Obeah Opera tells a story of life and work among women silenced by the most infamous ‘witch-hunt’ in history. Tituba and a handful of Caribbean women imported as slaves into the American colony of Salem are arrested and accused of practicing obeah! A healing art seen only as blasphemy and witchcraft through the eyes of the local Puritans.

We follow Tituba’s journey in the days before her capture, her incarceration, and her stand on trial in this uplifting Caribbean themed opera. Sung in complete a capella form, and performed by a cast of fifteen, Obeah Opera explodes myths surrounding the Salem Witch Trials, unravels the branding of obeah with evil and witchery, ties it back to its true spiritual nature rooted in West Africa, and finally gives voice to a group of women whose story has been missing from history books. (


Saphire Demitro Performer
Nicole Brooks Candy
Macomere Fifi Elder
Joni NehRita Tituba
Saidah Baba Talibah Mary
Kanika Ambrose Chorus
Neema Bickersteth Chorus
Shield Boyd Chorus
Jessica Brown Chorus
Qwyn Alexis Charter Chorus
Najla Edwards Chorus
Nickeshia Garrick Chorus
Angelique Lazarus Chorus
Lisa Michelle McKenzie Chorus
Bemnet Tekleyohannes Chorus

Creative Team

Nicole Brooks Playwright
Nicole Brooks Creator
Nicole Brooks Composer
Nicole Brooks Librettist
Tova Kardonne Music Director
Jajube Mandiela Assistant Director
Alison Wong Assistant Director
Wilma Cromwell Assistant Musical Director
Wilma Cromwell Voice Coach
C.J. Astronomo Lighting Designer
Julia Tribe Set Designer
Julia Tribe Costume Designer
Anthony Guerra Choreographer
Annie Szamosi Dramaturge
Christopher Pinheiro Body Art & Rituals Consultant
Paula Schultz Arts Education Consultant
Erika Iserhoff Wardrobe Mistress
Christopher Pinheiro Costume Design Assistant
Tova Kardonne Music Score Scribe


Sandi Becker Stage Manager
Rhoma Spencer Producer
Brian Chmielewski Technical Director
Brian Chmielewski Production Manager
Alison Wong Apprentice Artistic Producer
Teneile Warren Production Intern
Lorenzo Pagnotta Production Assistant
Donna Ellis Assistant Stage Manager
Tijana Spasic Assistant Stage Manager
Aracely Reyes Stagehand
Michael Chambers Poster Concept and Photography
Frantz Brent Harris Graphic Designer
Marsha Edwards Additional Graphic Design & Program Layout
C.J. Astronomo
Peter Eaton Electrician
Lionel Henguva Carpenter
Tuneeko Carpenter
Kevin Adams Front of House Manager
Aron Henry Front of House Manager
Melanie King Front of House Manager
Gareth Henry Box Office Manager
Lorenzo Pagnotta Box Office Manager
Josee Duranleau Publicist
Nation Cheong Photographer
Judith Lezama Charles Post-show Reception Coordinator


Sean Lehane For 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture