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Peter Pan ()

Produced by

Ross Petty Productions

Playwright: Chris Earle
Director: Susan H Schulman


Elgin Theatre


November 22nd, 2007 – January 6th, 2008


This PETER PAN takes place in modern day 2007 where Wendy dreams of being a pop star, Tinkerbell is busy downloading music off the Internet and Captain Hook would give his right arm to go to Hollywood to become the next big action star … look out Johnny Depp! (


Kurt Browning Peter Pan
Ross Petty Mr. Darling / Captain Hook
Eddie Glen Nana / Smee
Jennifer Waiser Tinkerbell
Meghan Hoople Wendy
Brandon Banks Michael
Matthew Del Bel Belluz John
Diana Coatsworth Ashley Darling / Pirate Jenny
Steven Gallagher Chad / Understudy for Nana and Smee
Larry Mannell Keef / Understudy for Captain Hook
Geoffrey Tyler Miguel
Kiri Etzkorn Tiger Lily
Matthew Armet Pirate Tim / Understudy for Chad
Caden Douglas Pirate Dave / Understudy for Peter Pan
Lindsey Frazier Lisa / Emily the Mermaid / Understudy for Tinkerbell and Wendy
Dani Jazzar Long John Silver / Understudy for Miguel
Julia Juhas Tikka / Bruce the Mermaid / Understudy for Tiger Lily
Adele MacKenzie Anita / Natalie the Mermaid / Understudy for Ashley Darling and Pirate Jenny / Understudy for Bruce, the Mermaid
Donnie Macphee Pirate Terry / The Crocodile / Understudy for Keef
Wilson Klodt Wong Pirate Rick / The Shadow
Jordan Devon Energizer Bunny / Understudy for Michael and John

Creative Team

Chris Earle Writer
Susan H Schulman Director
Steve Hunter Music Director
Tracey Flye Choreographer
Erika Connor Costume Designer
Steve Ross Lighting Designer
John Lott Sound Designer
Steve Thomas Assistant Music Director
Emily Porter Assistant Sound Designer
Phillip Nero Assistant Director
Phillip Nero Fight Director
Steve Thomas Rehearsal Music Director
Kelly Fletcher Assistant Choreographer
Alex Thompson Flying Choreographer
David Hoekstra Props Designer
Wendy Greenwood Associate Lighting Designer


Steve Hunter Keyboards
Steve Thomas Keyboards II
Kim Ratcliffe Guitar
Will Jarvis Electric Bass
Paul DeLong Drumset
Tony Carlucci Trumpet
Colleen Allen Saxophone / Flute
John Johnson Sacophone / Flute
Sam Lutfiyya Music Coordinator
David Glavina Music Coordinator


Emily Cooper Stage Manager
Melanie Klodt Assistant Stage Manager
Suzanne Williams Assistant Stage Manager
Krista MacIsaac Production Assistant
B.D. Hillis Technical Coordinator
Robert Richardson General Manager
Colin Rivers General Manager
Dana Ennis General Manager
Susan F. Dobie General Manager
Margaret Moll Associate General Manager
Kathleen Johnston Costume Supervisor
Megan Dunlop Costume Assistant
Katarina Florio Costume Assistant
Bonita Ubell Wardrobe Head
Rachel Breski Wardrobe Department
Pat Oney Wardrobe Department
Dawn Reilly Wardrobe Department
Kate Sexsmith Wardrobe Department
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wigs
Marsha Kennington Props Associate
Silvie Varone Props Associate
Gloria Slade Props Associate
Simon Richards Props Associate
Dani Jazzar Dance Captain
Wilson Klodt Wong Fight Captain
Julie Marquis Child Supervisor
Bruce Zinger Production Photography
Larissa Mair Casting
Carrie Sager Media Relations
Leanne Wright Media Relations
Grant Ramsay Media Relations
Mona Afshari Media Relations
Carrie Sager Marketing
Leanne Wright Marketing
Grant Ramsay Marketing
Mona Afshari Marketing
Sharon Weeden Promotion & Distribution


B.D. Hillis Head Carpenter
Lars Tilander Head Electrician
Gerry Fava Head Property Master