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Saint Carmen of the Main ()

Produced by

Canada’s National Arts Centre and Canadian Stage

Playwright: Michel Tremblay
Translator: Linda Gaboriau
Director: Peter Hinton-Davis


Bluma Appel Theatre


February 7th, 2011 – March 5th, 2011


A country singer and darling of Montreal’s seedy red-light district, Carmen triumphantly returns to her old haunts after a visit to Nashville to hone her craft. Doing away with bleedin’ hearts and lonesome nights, Carmen now sings about the people in her audience: hustlers and whores who for the first time become the heroes of these songs, not just the witless consumers. This mythic tale of a nightclub singer who dares make art from the lives of those on the fringes of society is a seminal play from Canada’s best-known playwright. (


Patricia Cano Chorus
Réjean Cournoyer Chorus
Diane D’Aquila Harelip
Nicolas Di Gaetano Chorus
John Doucet Chorus
Randi Helmers Chorus
Ron Kennell Chorus
Jani Lauzon Chorus
Jean Leclerc Maurice
Kevin Loring Chorus
James Stuart Macdonald Chorus
Alex McCooeye Chorus
Robert Persichini Sandra
Jackie Richardson Gloria
Karen Robinson Rose Beef
Laara Sadiq Carmen
Katie Swift Chorus
Dayna Tekatch Chorus
Joey Tremblay Toothpick

Creative Team

Michel Tremblay Playwright
Linda Gaboriau Translator
Peter Hinton-Davis Director
Allen Cole Musical Director
Allen Cole Composer
Todd Duckworth Assistant Director
Eo Sharp Set Designer
Eo Sharp Costume Designer
Bonnie Beecher Lighting Designer
Emily Porter Sound Designer
Katrin Whitebread Design Assistant


Paula Danckert Production Dramaturge
Michael Hart Stage Manager
Samira Rose Assistant Stage Manager