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Still ()

Produced by

Binocular Theatre

Playwright: Jen Silverman
Director: Ali Joy Richardson


Unit 102 Theatre


March 4th, 2016 – March 13th, 2016


Still is the story of a professor, her midwife, a dominatrix, and a baby who never got to be. Morgan’s son was born dead, Dolores is pregnant with a child she doesn’t want, and failed midwife Elena seeks either redemption or a career change. All three women confront their fears, desires, and each other, while Morgan’s baby is running out of time to find her. (Show Facebook Event)


Christopher Allen Constantinople
Alicia Richardson Dolores
Julie Tepperman Elena
Annemieke Wade Morgan

Creative Team

Jen Silverman Playwright
Ali Joy Richardson Director
Michelle Tracey Set Designer
Michelle Tracey Costume Designer
Nick Potter Sound Designer
Steve Vargo Lighting Designer


AJ Laflamme Rehearsal Stage Manager
Kelsey Rutledge Stage Manager
Kelsey Rutledge ASM
Laura Jabalee Johnston Producer
Ali Joy Richardson Producer
Neil Silcox Photography
Neil Silcox Casseroles