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Studies in Motion: The Hauntings of Eadweard Muybridge ()

Produced by

Electric Company Theatre

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Playwright: Kevin Kerr
Director: Kim Collier


Bluma Appel Theatre


November 22nd, 2010 – December 18th, 2010


A physically and visually explosive multimedia spectacle inspired by the life, work and ghosts of the father of modern cinema. In 1885, Eadweard Muybridge sets out to catalogue animal movement and human gestures, but he is haunted by the ghosts of his past and the rational scientist that he has attempted to become must face the naked animal that remains inside him. This spellbinding profile of the man who froze time explores themes of memory, identity, and the quest for meaning. (


Andrew Wheeler Eadweard Muybridge
Gaelan Beatty Tadd / Chorus
Julien Galipeau Floredo / Chorus
Allan Morgan Dr. Pepper / Blacksmith / Leland Stanford / Chorus
Dawn Petten Susan / Chorus
Kyle Rideout Bell / Chorus
Michael Rinaldi Bigler / Chorus
Juno Ruddell Blanche / Chorus
Celine Stubel Flora / Chorus
Erin Wells Mrs. Harrison / Mrs. Smith / Actress / Chorus
Jonathon Young Eakins / Larkyns / Chorus
Frank Zotter Rondinella / Chorus

Creative Team

Kevin Kerr Playwright
Kim Collier Director
Crystal Pite Choreographer
Mara Gottler Costume Designer
Patrick Pennefather Composer
Robert Gardiner Original Set Design
Robert Gardiner Original Lighting Design
Robert Gardiner Original Video Design
Adrien Muir Lighting Design Adaptor
Andrea Hodge Movement Rehearsal Director
Jamie Nesbitt Assistant Scenographer
Blake William Turner Assistant Director


Jan Hodgson Stage Manager
Jennifer Swan Assistant Stage Manager


Alistair Hepburn Director of Production and Operations
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Douglas Arculus Operations Manager
Timothy Wisener Company Manager
Kate Ann Vandermeer Production Coordinator
Katie Horrill Metcalf Foundation Props Intern
Susan Batchelor Bluma Wardrobe Mistress
Chris Root Head Electrician
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter
Douglas Parker Property Master
Keijo Makela Sound Operator
Tim Flawn Assistant Electrician
Tim Flawn Theatre Technician
Frank Erhardt Flyman
Frank Erhardt Theatre Technician