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The Ballad of Johnny Longstaff ()

Produced by

Harbourfront Centre and Northern Stage and The Young’uns

Playwrights: Sean Cooney and Michael Hughes and David Eagle
Director: Lorne Campbell


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


November 16th, 2022 – November 27th, 2022


In a timely, touching and often hilarious musical adventure, follow the footsteps of a working-class hero who chose not to look the other way when the world needed his help and took part in some of the momentous events of the 1930s. (


Sam Carter Performer
Sean Cooney Performer
David Eagle Performer

Creative Team

Sean Cooney Playwright
Michael Hughes Playwright
David Eagle Playwright
Lorne Campbell Director
David Eagle Composer
Sean Cooney Composer
Michael Hughes Composer
Kai Fischer Set Designer
Kai Fischer Costume Designer
Kai Fischer AV Design
Kai Fischer Lighting Designer
Scott Turnbull Animation Designer
Aaron Brady Animator
Mariam Rezaei Sound Designer


Martin Curtis Stage Manager
Martin Curtis Multimedia Operator
Andy Bell Sound Engineer