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The Crucible ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Director: Michael Rubinstein
Playwright: Arthur Miller


Hart House Theatre


January 19th, 2018 – February 3rd, 2018


When a jilted lover seeks revenge, a deeply religious community is thrown into turmoil, and the law begins to turn on the very residents it should protect. A timeless play and a pivotal work, The Crucible is a tale of caution that warns of the deadly consequences when a society allows fear, suspicion and superstitious gossip to rule over facts and reason. (


Jon Berrie John Proctor
Anthony Botelho Reverend Samuel Parris
Abigail Craven Betty Parris
Joanna Decc Mercy Lewis
Thomas Gough Giles Corey
Tomas Ketchum Thomas Putnam
Courtney Lamanna Abigail Williams
Allyson Landy Anne Putnam
Charlin McIsaac Suzanna Walcott
Brandon Nicoletti Ezekiel Cheever / Marshall Herrick
David John Phillips Deputy Governor Thomas Danforth
Tom Anthony Quinn Francis Nurse
Nicholas Santillo Reverend John Hale
Melissa Taylor Elizabeth Proctor
Nina Taylor Mary Warren
Magda Uculmana-Falcon Tituba
Marilyn Willock Rebecca Nurse

Creative Team

Michael Rubinstein Director
Arthur Miller Playwright
Chris Penna Set Designer
Brandon Kleiman Costume Designer
C.J. Astronomo Lighting Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Max Fearon Assistant Director
Agustine Correa Scarpa Costume Design Assistant


Alyssa Obrigewitsch Stage Manager
Jennifer Jakob Head of Wardrobe
Stephanie Venerus Head of Properties
Stephanie Venerus Set Painter
Bailey Northcott Assistant Stage Manager
Jelena Sibalija Assistant Stage Manager
Johnathan Clancy Wardrobe Assistant
Cherie Chiu Running Crew
Paolo DeGuzman Running Crew
Rami Hatoum Running Crew
Zafrin Islam Running Crew
Ron Ma Running Crew
Dora Skenderi Running Crew
Sanabel Abderahman Production Assistant
Fany Bahena Production Assistant
Tom Baird Production Assistant
Yvette Cendes Production Assistant
Kameron Doyle Production Assistant
Rebecca Gendron Production Assistant
Jospehine Guan Production Assistant
Jayden Hsueh Production Assistant
Mara Ng Production Assistant
Caroline Shim Production Assistant
Aleksei Shkurin Production Assistant
Emily Vecchiarelli Production Assistant
Daniel DiMarco Production Photography
Scott Gorman Production Photography


Brian Campbell Technical Director
Brian Campbell Production Manager
Jeremy Hutton Interim Production Manager
Tim Davidson House Technician
Parker Nowlan Lighting Technician
Scott Gorman Resident Carpenter