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The Gravity Hour ()

Produced by

Kiri Figueiredo Dance

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Choreographers: Michael Caldwell and Kiri Figueiredo and Shannon Litzenberger


The Robert Gill Theatre


July 6th, 2012 – July 14th, 2012


Three gifted dancesmiths Kiri Figueiredo, Michael Caldwell and Shannon Litzenberger explore the hidden corners of human nature in a physically intense hour of dance. The Gravity Hour features four compelling new works that rise and fall through moments of tension, jealousy, loneliness and regret. It takes ‘screaming into your pillow’ to a whole new level. (


Jesse Dell Performer
Jordana Deveau Performer
Kiri Figueiredo Performer
Sarah Fregeau Performer
Daniel McArthur Performer
Andrea Spaziani Performer
Stéphanie Tremblay Abubo Performer

Creative Team

Michael Caldwell Choreographer
Kiri Figueiredo Choreographer
Shannon Litzenberger Choreographer
Alaina Perttula Lighting Designer
Jesse Dell Costumes ( The Den)


Alaina Perttula Production Stage Manager
Hailey Kean Front/inside cover photos
Peyman Soheili Front/inside cover photos
Michael Caldwell Front/inside cover photos
Omer Yukseker Photographer
Harry Cepka Videographer
Bevin Poole Sound Editing (Temperature of Weight)
Kiri Figueiredo Sound Editing (Temperature of Weight)
Michael Caldwell Sound Recording / Editing (Mary)
Andre Lowry Sound Editing (Woman Kneeling in Dress...)
Michael Caldwell Producer
Kiri Figueiredo Producer
Shannon Litzenberger Producer


Teo Balcu Venue Technician
Paul Stoesser Festival Lighting Designer
Vanita Butrsingkorn Venue Technician