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The Mine ()

Produced by

Doormouse Productions

Playwright: Isabella Hudson
Director: Abigail Sullivan


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


May 3rd, 2024 – May 4th, 2024


The Mine tells the story of three coal miners, Sascha, Aleksei, and Kaiser. After an explosion leaves them stuck, they are forced to reckon with their inner psyche and outer demons. As days pass, and hope is lost, their only hope for survival is each other. (


Emma Cuzzocrea Aleksai Barinov
Isaiah Nembhard Kaiser Pavlishchev
Jonah Paroyan Sascha Volkov

Creative Team

Isabella Hudson Playwright
Abigail Sullivan Director
Luis Zaldivar Gonzalez Sound Designer
Tess Thomas Set Designer
Hannah Dulong Costume Designer
Evelyn Rensing Lighting Designer
Mima Higashi Fight Director


Jess Morcombe Stage Manager
Liam Cox Production Manager
Alex Grozdanis Technical Director
Hannah Dulong Head of Wardrobe
Joanne Tutor Head of Carps
Maddie Barlow Co-Head of Props
Brenda Quynh Diep Co-Head of Props
Brenda Quynh Diep Head of Paints
Sarah Yeoman Head of Paints
Emma Haynes Wardrobe Team
Noah Fennell Wardrobe Team
Sophia Donais Set/Paints Crew
Chris Gwynne-Thompson Set/Paints Crew
Luis Zaldivar Gonzalez Producer