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The Overcoat ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage and Citadel Theatre and Theatre Calgary

Creator: Morris Panych and Wendy Gorling
Directors: Morris Panych and Wendy Gorling


Bluma Appel Theatre


February 12th, 2007 – March 10th, 2007


Peter Anderson The Man
Victoria Adilman Office Worker / Whore / Fabric Worker
Shaun Amyot Inmate / Tailor
Manon Beaudoin Landlady's Old Mom / Tailor's Assistant / Inmate / Office Worker
Matt Bois Inmate / Sweatshop Runner / Office Boy
Judi Closkey New Girl
Diana Coatsworth Office Worker / Whore / Fabric Worker / Nurse / Boss's Wife
Monica Dottor Office Worker / Fabric Worker / Whore
Tracey Ferencz Landlady
Peter Grier Architect / Sweatshop Worker / Police Constable
Colin Heath Office Manager / Tailor's Assistant / Inmate
Ryan Hollyman Architect / Sailor / Sweatshop Worker / Inmate
Matthew Hunt Sweatshop Worker / Waiter / Bike Guy
Darren Hynes Tenant / Orderly / Butler / Sweatshop Worker
Allan Morgan Head of the Firm / Police Chief / Inmate
Graham Percy Architect / Thug / Fabric Worker
Avi Phillips Inmate / Office Boy / Sweatshop Runner / Waiter
Derek Scott Office Janitor / Orderly / Fabric Customer / Understudy for the Man
Salvatore Scozzari Thug / Sweatshop Foreman / Waiter / Inmate
Geneviève Steele Secretary to the Head of the Firm
Courtenay Stevens Architect / Sweatshop Worker / Sailor / Inmate
Geoffrey Tyler Fabric Worker / Bartender / Doctor / Inmate

Creative Team

Morris Panych Creator
Wendy Gorling Creator
Morris Panych Director
Wendy Gorling Director
Ken MacDonald Set Designer
Nancy Bryant Costume Designer
Alan Brodie Lighting Designer


Jan Hodgson Stage Manager
Peter Jotkus Assistant Stage Manager
Cindy Shaw Assistant Stage Manager
Eric Goldstein Company Manager
Michael McGibbon Production Carpenter
Jim Brett Production Electrician
Douglas Parker Production Properties
Kim Cunik Touring Head of Wardrobe


Craig Putt Technical Director
Tyler Devine Technical Associate
Serge Plourde Production Assistant
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Shelley Heebner Props Assistant
William Sovie Props Builder
Barbara E. Singer Head of Wardrobe
Susan Batchelor Wardrobe Mistress
Sharon Ryman Wig Construction & Styling
Maureen Gurney Costume Buyer
Glenda Campbell First Hand
Adrienne Baker Stitcher
Leslie Norgate Milliner
Chris Root Head Electrician
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter
Douglas Parker Property Master
Aaron Hanna Sound Operator
Tim Flawn Assistant Electrician
Rob Rea Flyman