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The SpongeBob Musical ()

Produced by

NETworks Presentations LLC

Presented by

TO Live

Book: Kyle Jarrow
Music: Tom Kitt and Yolanda Adams and Steven Tyler and Joe Perry and Sara Bareilles and Jonathan Coulton and Alex Ebert and The Flaming Lips and Lady Antebellum and Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman and John Legend and Panic! At The Disco and Plain White T’s and They Might Be Giants and T.I. and Domani and Lil ‘C and Brian Eno and David Bowie and Tom Kenny and Andy Paley
Lyrics: Jonathan Coulton
Director: Tina Landau


Meridian Hall


December 17th, 2019 – December 22nd, 2019


A legendary roster of Grammy® Award winners. A visionary director and a Tony Award®-winning design team. One of the world’s most beloved characters. Turn them loose on stage and what do you get? The bold, original musical The New York Times declares, “BRILLIANT!” (


Lorenzo Pugliese SpongeBob SquarePants
Beau Bradshaw Patrick Star
Cody Cooley Squidward Q. Tentacles
Daria Pilar Redus Sandy Cheeks
Zach Kononov Eugene Krabs
Tristan McIntyre Sheldon Plankton
Morgan Blanchard Patchy the Pirate / Plankton Dancer / Sardine Corp / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for Squidward
Meami Maszewski Security Guard / Pearl Krabs
Stephen C. Kallas Security Guard / Old Man Jenkins / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for Squidward
Dorian O’Brien Gary / Larry the Lobster / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble)
Caitlin Ort Karen the Computer
Helen Regula The Mayor / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for Patrick
Natalie L. Chapman Mrs. Puff / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble)
Richie Dupkin Perch Perkins / Understudy for Sheldon
Elle-May Patterson Plankton Dancer / Sardine Corp / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble)
Sydney Simone Plankton Dancer / Sardine Corp / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for Sandy
Rico Velazquez Plankton Dancer / Sardine Corp / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for SpongeBob
Ayana Strutz Sardine Corp / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for Sandy
Joshua Bess The Electric Skates / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble)
Stefan Miller The Electric Skates / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for Sheldon
Miles Davis Tillman The Electric Skates / Undersea Creatures (Ensemble)
Kenneth Ferrone French Narrator
Ryan Blihovde Foley Fish
Mary Nickson Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Swing
John Cardenas Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for SpongeBob & Eugene Krabs / Swing
Teddy Gales Undersea Creatures (Ensemble) / Understudy for Patrick & Eugene Krabs / Swing
Rachel Wong Swing

Creative Team

Kyle Jarrow Book
Tom Kitt Music
Yolanda Adams Music
Steven Tyler Music
Joe Perry Music
Sara Bareilles Music
Jonathan Coulton Music
Alex Ebert Music
The Flaming Lips Music
Lady Antebellum Music
Cyndi Lauper Music
Rob Hyman Music
John Legend Music
Panic! At The Disco Music
Plain White T’s Music
They Might Be Giants Music
T.I. Music
Domani Music
Lil ‘C Music
Brian Eno Music
David Bowie Music
Tom Kenny Music
Andy Paley Music
Jonathan Coulton Additional Lyrics
Tina Landau Director
Christopher Gattelli Choreographer
David Zinn Scenic Designer
David Zinn Costume Designer
Kevin Adams Lighting Designer
Peter Nigrini Production Designer
Walter Trarbach Sound Designer
Charles LaPointe Hair and Wig Design
Joe Dulude II Makeup Design
Mike Dobson Foley Design
Kenneth Ferrone Associate Director
Lou Castro Associate Choreographer
Patrick Hoagland Music Director
Tom Kitt Orchestrations
Tom Kitt Music Arrangements
Sebastiani Romagnolo Assistant Choreographer
Meredith Ries Associate Scenic Designer
Tim McMath Assistant Scenic Designer
Justin Hall Associate Costume Designer
Sarah Laux Associate Costume Designer
Zoe Allen Assistant Costume Designer
Tim Reed Associate Lighting Designer
Jake DeGroot Associate Lighting Designer
Tessa Bookwalter Assistant Lighting Designer
John McKenna Associate Sound Designer
Robert Figueira Associate Projection Designer
Kevin Maybee Associate Hair Designer
Samantha Figueroa Associate Hair Designer
Valeria Kole Associate Makeup Design
Bronwen Chan Associate Foley Designer


Patrick Hoagland Conductor
Cameron Tragesser Associate Conductor
Patrick Hoagland Keyboard
Cameron Tragesser Keyboard
Michiko Egger Guitar
Garrett Gleason Guitar
Ryan Crum Bass
Chris Karabelas Drums
Ryan Blihovde Foley Artist
Ryan Blihovde Percussion
Anthony Rodriguez Reeds
Keaton Viavattine Trumpet
Jonathan Dowd Trombone
Chris Cerreto Percussion Cover
Chris Cerreto Foley Artist


Randy Cohen Keyboard Programmer
Julie McBride Musical Supervision
Timothy Hanson Musical Supervision
John Mezzio Music Coordinator
John Carpentier Production Stage Manager
Susan Vargo Executive Producer
Trinity Wheeler Executive Producer
Elle-May Patterson Dance Captain
Joshua Bess Skate Board Captain
Brad Siebeking Company Manager
Claire Farrokh Assistant Stage Manager
Emily White-Winter Production Supervisor
Megan Sover Assistant Company Manager
Ben Keightley Projection Programmer
Dan Vatsky Projection Editor
Asher Robinson Projections Engineer
Kim Caldwell Production Projections
Sean Beach Moving Light Programmer
Eric Briggs Production Electrician
Matthew Bell Production Audio Electrician
Taylor Williams Associate Keyboard Programmer
Jeremy King Associate Keyboard Programmer
Tim Crook Associate Keyboard Programmer
Josh Nelson Head Carpenter
John Bone Flyman
Steven Lau Assistant Carpenter
Ellen Reid Head Electrician
Kelly Lipsey Assistant Electrician
Shaughn Bryant Head Sound Engineer
Megan McKay Assistant Sound Engineer
Katie Uleau Head of Properties
Kateryna Turkalo Props Assistant
Kelsey Musselman Head of Wardrobe
Angela Carstensen Assistant Wardrobe Head
Danae Jimenez Head of Hair and Makeup
Kateryna Turkalo Production Assistant
Alexandria Klote Production Assistant


Kristopher Dell Director of Production
Zoë Carpenter Senior Production Manager
Anthony (TJ) Shamata Senior Production Manager
Chris Carlton Production Manager
Alec Harmer Production Manager
Alicia Ho Production Manager
Jasmine Knox Production Manager
Paul McKenna Production Manager
Lee Widerick Production Manager
Bruce Bennett Technical Services Manager