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Theatre on a Theme: Failure ()

Produced by

Everybody to the Theatre Company

Creator: Drew O’Hara
Director: Drew O’Hara
Playwrights: Marnie Woodrow and Emma K. Smit and Drew O’Hara and Rochelle Douris and Scott Kuipers and Hugh Ritchie


Unit 102 Theatre


October 18th, 2013 – October 18th, 2013


Jade Douris Performer
Dion Karas Performer
Dan Mousseau Performer
Isaac Powrie Performer
Owen Stahn Performer

Creative Team

Drew O’Hara Conceived by
Drew O’Hara Director
Marnie Woodrow Playwright ("Soup├žon")
Jacob Vanderham Playwright ("Little Wonder")
Emma K. Smit Playwright ("This is a follow-up call")
Drew O’Hara Playwright ("Out on a Limb")
Rochelle Douris Playwright ("The Failure Seminar")
Scott Kuipers Playwright ("Three Gents and a Purple Sky")
Hugh Ritchie Playwright ("Exposition")
Jeremy Hutton Music ("We're All Failures")
Jeremy Hutton Lyrics ("We're All Failures")


Benjamin Kibblewhite Production Direction
Jade Douris Producer
Molly Reisman Producer