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Theatre on a Theme: Love ()

Produced by

Everybody to the Theatre Company

Creator: Drew O’Hara
Director: Drew O’Hara


Unit 102 Theatre


March 1st, 2014 (one night only)


Six actors, 18 theatre pieces that vary in length from 10 minutes to 10 seconds. What do you get? A hilarious, heart-wrenching, fast-paced, occasionally musical, exciting night at the theatre. (


Dion Karas Performer
Owen Stahn Performer
Jade Douris Performer
Isaac Powrie Performer
Jade O’Keeffe Performer
Addison Kopko Performer
Jacob Vanderham Performer

Creative Team

Drew O’Hara Creator
Drew O’Hara Director
Marnie Woodrow Playwright ("At A Meeting Of The Society For Individuals Who Believe Themselves To Be The Reincarnates Of Famous People")
David L. Williams Playwright ("The Craving")
Rochelle Douris Playwright ("Worth It")
Jade Douris Playwright ("It's Only 8:30")
Scott Kuipers Playwright ("It's Not About the Potato")
Janis Butler Holm Playwright ("Bar Belle")
Kevin MacPherson Playwright ("The Plight of the NFC")
Owen Stahn Playwright ("What Good is a Flower?")
Jacob Vanderham Musical Director
Jacob Vanderham Composer
Jade Douris Choreographer
Jade Douris Sound Designer
Benjamin Kibblewhite Sound Designer
Molly Reisman Sound Designer


Benjamin Kibblewhite Production Director
Jade Douris Producer
Molly Reisman Producer
Madison Golshani Company Photographer
Daniel Pascale Additional Photo Editing