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Titus Andronicus ()

Produced by

Seven Siblings Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Will King


The Citadel


October 27th, 2016 – November 6th, 2016


Titus Andronicus returns to Rome after decades of long battle with the Goths. In his pursuit of victory, he has made a dangerous alliance with supernatural beings, digging down into the underworld, pressing against the bizarre and terrifying. Presenting Tamora, the Queen of the Goths, as his war prize to Rome’s emperor, Saturninus, Titus sets off plots of revenge and murder, as each party seeks vengeance for the wrongs done to them. (


Jamie Johnson Titus Andronicus
Margaret Hild Lucius Andronicus
Zachary Groombridge Martius Andronicus
Jeff Dingle Mutius Andronicus / Clown
James Evans Quintus Andronicus
Brendan Kinnon Young Lucius Andronicus
Dorcas Chiu Lavinia Andronicus
Scott McCulloch Marcus Andronicus
Hayden Finkelshtain Publius / Alarbus
Kate Werneburg Tamora
Reece Presley Demetrius
Dylan Brenton Chiron
Jordin Hall Aaron
Kathleen Welch Saturninus
Alice Lundy Saturninus
Chris Whidden Saturninus
Tamlynn Bryson Bassianus
Brandon Nicoletti Bassianus
Sare Thorpe Aemilius / Messenger
Lena Maripuu Nurse

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Will King Director
Erik Helle Assistant Director
Susan Bond Dramaturge
Parker Nowlan Lighting Designer
Parker Nowlan Sound Designer
Stephen King Set Designer
Julia Kim Prop Designer
Julia Kim Costume Designer
Nate Bitton Fight Choreographer
Robin Polfuss Puppet Master


Julie Lee Stage Manager
Kyle Kimmerly Assistant Stage Manager
Kate McArthur Production Manager
Madryn McCabe Producer
Erika Downie Chekhov Coach
Leah Macrae Props Assistant
Leah Macrae Costume Assistant