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True North Mixtape ()

Produced by

Edge of the Sky Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Ann Merriam

Created by the company.


The Randolph Theatre


July 6th, 2017 – July 16th, 2017


The artistic team that brought you Summerland presents a tapestry of all Canadian material remixed, repurposed and reimagined to tackle issues of home, identity and inclusivity. Our show features a diverse group of artists of all different ages, faiths, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds exploring what it means to be a Canadian in the year 2017. Weaving dance, music, scenes, and sketches we feature the first ever Teen Fringe ensemble, and the award winning Wexford Gleeks. Come to the edge with us. (Toronto Fringe Festival program)


Tiffany Abel Performer
Roslyn Addison-Rudat Performer
Armando Alverez Cabrales Performer
Marcos Alverez Cabrales Performer
Dave Autar Performer
Elle Baron Performer
Matt Bernard Performer
Kenyatta Brown Performer
Chloƫ Chalmers Performer
Joanne Choi Performer
Anika Excell-Stevenson Performer
Jessica Felix Performer
Iain Fisher Performer
Angeline Gisonni Performer
Dee Hastings Performer
Susannah Hibner Performer
Lauren Hundt Performer
Cian Johnson Performer
Barbara Johnston Performer
Zahra Khan Performer
Marcus King Performer
Rehaan Lachporia Performer
Jeremy LaPalme Performer
Abi Lee Performer
Talijah Levene Performer
Owen Lisle Performer
Erin Locken Performer
Liam Lockhart-Rush Performer
Taylor Lovelace Performer
Daniel Lowe Performer
Jay Lumsden Performer
Kavone Manning Performer
Daniel McCormack Performer
Masini McDermott Performer
Alejandra Nunez Performer
Kataem O’Connor Performer
Monique Pascall Performer
Victoria Pocchi Performer
Donte Prince Performer
Anissah Pajpatee Performer
Savion Roach Performer
Tenaya Sasseville Performer
Kobe Shay Performer
Sam Sioukas Performer
Darcy Stewart Performer
Mollye Stewart Performer
Milayjah Tefanis Performer
Ayrleigh Tetreault Performer
Eric Tzogas Performer
Kate Ulster Performer
Danielle Verayo Performer
Glenna Walters Performer
Suzy Wilde Performer
Jillian Wood Performer
Ciara Young Performer

Creative Team

Ann Merriam Director
Suzannah Wilde Music Director
Jeffrey Newberry Music Director
Danielle Devereaux Choreographer
Honey Frid Choreographer
Valerie Stanois Choreographer
Miles Gosse Choreographer
Barbara Johnston Choreographer
Bob Johnston Music Director
Jeffrey Newberry Music Director
Suzy Wilde Music Director
Matt Bernard Sketch Writer
Jeremy LaPalme Sketch Writer
Andrew Clemens Lighting Designer
Kevin Shah Sound Designer
Ruth Posadas Assistant Musical Director


Tom Leighton Musician
Bob Johnston Musician
Adam Westbrook Musician
Ty Rowles Musician
Marcus Sisk Musician
Jaron Freeman-Fox Musician
Jeffrey Newberry Musician


Arlo Filazek Poster Design
Shannon Lew Program Design
Helga Marinzel Naturopath
Charlie Agathocleous Production Crew
Catharine Merriam Production Crew
Barbara Merriam Production Crew
Andy Dick Production Crew
Stephanie Masson Production Crew
Brandon Dipchand Production Crew
Shelly Meichenbaum Production Crew
Destiny Dempsey Production Crew
Dee Hastings Production Crew