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Victorian Closet Drama ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Nina Kaye
Director: Kyra Keith


The Alumnae Studio


May 1st, 2024 – May 5th, 2024


In a small but well-furnished Toronto parlor in the late 1800s, the eccentric Luff family holds a dinner party and stages a theatrical play in the dining room, hoping to gain the admiration of the exacting Jewells. It is not likely to go well. A silly play that playfully swipes at gender roles, conventional marriage, and the nuclear family. (


Eric Amaral Miss Priscilla Luff
Julie Vanderlip Victor Luff
Michelle Gram Agnes Luff
Tyler Bignell William Jewell
Emilia Michalowska Miss Helen Jewell

Creative Team

Nina Kaye Playwright
Kyra Keith Director


Srutika Sabu Stage Manager
Srutika Sabu Sound Operator
Connor Price-Kelleher Festival Lighting Designer
Daniel Shiels Festival Lighting Designer
Connor Price-Kelleher Lighting Technician
Mikaela Cordero Lighting Technician
Eileen Whitcomb Lighting Technician
Ivana Obradović Lighting Operator
Eileen Whitcomb Stagehand
Leslie Ann Walcott Stage Management Consultant
Adrienne Winterhelt Properties Manager
Leslie Rennie Costume Manager
Victoria Van Der Meulen Set Construction
Eileen Whitcomb Set Construction
Stella Kulagowski Marketing
Stella Kulagowski Publicity