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War Tapes ()

Produced by

Cordwainer Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Christian Metaxas
Director: Dane Shumak


Factory Mainspace Theatre


June 30th, 2016 – July 9th, 2016


Computer games, hot chicks, and surfing aimlessly at three in the morning—WAR TAPES is about intimacy and the blurred line that separates the physical from the digital. While contemplating a former romance, Kendra Christopherson learns that life can get pretty lonely in the networked age. The later the night gets, the harder it becomes to outrun your demons. (


Peter Naccarato Kendra Christopherson
Bronte Germain Sera / Mom (VO) / Nonna (VO)
Conner Edmondson Zachary
Michael Lake Stephen
Margaret Rose-Keery Ashley / Rebecca (VO)
Dane Shumak Jeffrey

Creative Team

Christian Metaxas Playwright
Dane Shumak Director
Adrienne McLaren Devenyi Video/Projection Design


Keeghan White Stage Manager
Gil Ruston Production Manager
Aisling Gibson Projection Operator
Dane Shumak Executive Producer


Josh Hoodless Venue Technician
Sebastian Quinn Hoodless Venue Technician
Ellen MacKay Swing Technician
Michelle Ramsay Festival Lighting Designer