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Lindsay Woods

Costume Designer, Creator, Office & Outreach Manager, Office and Outreach Manager, Operations Manager, Performer, Production Manager, Prop Designer, Set Designer, Venue Operations Manager

Costume Designer

White Wedding () Costume Designer
Liars at a Funeral () Costume Designer
Brave New World () Costume Designer
Hansel & Gretel () Costume Designer
The Hollow Square () Costumes
Birth of Frankenstein () Costume Designer


Pretty Little Instincts () Creator

Operations Manager

Avenue Q () Operations Manager


Pretty Little Instincts () Performer

Prop Designer

Birth of Frankenstein () Prop Designer
Pretty Little Instincts () Props

Set Designer

White Wedding () Set Designer
Liars at a Funeral () Set Designer
Hansel & Gretel () Set Designer


Next Stage Theatre Festival Office and Outreach Manager
Next Stage Theatre Festival Production Manager
The SummerWorks Performance Festival Venue Operations Manager
The Toronto Fringe Festival Office & Outreach Manager