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Meg Maguire

Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Technical Director

Assistant Stage Manager

Trompe-La-Mort, or Goriot in the 21st Century () Assistant Stage Manager
It's Just a Phase () Assistant Stage Manager

Costume Designer

It's Just a Phase () Costume Designer

Lighting Designer

Swordplay () Lighting Designer
The Adventures of Tom Shadow () Lighting Designer
Come What Mayhem! () Lighting Designer
Two Weird Ladies Bomb the Fringe () Lighting Designer

Stage Manager

Moonstruck () Stage Manager
Come What Mayhem! () Stage Manager
A Good Death () Stage Manager
Lemon () Stage Manager
Two Weird Ladies Bomb the Fringe () Stage Manager
Maybe () Stage Manager
One Woman Show () Stage Manager

Technical Director

The Harold Experience () Technical Director
One Woman Show () Technical Director