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Aladdin ()

Produced by

Ross Petty Productions

Playwright: David Finley
Director: Ted Dykstra


Elgin Theatre


December 6th, 2006 – December 24th, 2006


The classic tale of ALADDIN takes place in a land far, far away, where a poor young boy, falls in love with a princess, finds a magical lamp which grants him three wishes, encounters an evil wizard, and with help from members of the audience, embarks on a journey of enchantment and romance. (


Jennifer Dale Narrator / Sheherazade
Ross Petty Abanazeer
Derek McGrath Widow Bender
Mark Allan Beans / Understudy for Aladdin
Jonathan Ellul Weenie / Understudy for Widow Bender
Jamie McKnight Aladdin
Rhoslynne Bugay Princess Jacuzzi
Kyle Dadd Sultan / Understudy for Abanazeer
Bret “The Hitman” Hart Genie
Jonathan Arsenault Ensemble
Brittany Gray Ensemble
Dani Jazzar Ensemble / Understudy for Sultan and Genie
Alexandra MacLean Ensemble
Alison Palmer Ensemble / Understudy for Sheherazade
Darren Voros Ensemble / Understudy for Beans
Robyn Wong Ensemble / Understudy for Princess
Wilson Klodt Wong Ensemble / Understudy for Weenie

Creative Team

David Finley Playwright
Ted Dykstra Director
Rick Fox Music Director
Erika Connor Costume Designer
Tracey Flye Choreographer
Sven Johansson Aerial Choreographer
Greg Connolly Sound Designer
Stephen Ross Lighting Designer
Bob Foster Orchestrations
Gavin McDonald Associate Lighting Designer


Rick Fox Keyboards
Mark Camilleri Keyboard II
Tony Zorzi Guitar
Mike Pellarin Electric Bass
Kevan McKenzie Drumset
Mike Herriott Trumpet
Sasha Boychouk Saxophone / Flute
Allistar Gaskin Trombone
Sam Lutfiyya Music Coordinator


Dianne Woodrow Production Stage Manager
Mike Deschambeault Stage Manager
Sally Crate Assistant Stage Manager
Ray Salverda Production Manager
Stefan Lenzi Assistant Production Manager
Daniel Graham Head Carpenter
Dean Muto Assistant Carpenter
Joseph Nalepka Head of Lighting
Kevin O’Connor Assistant Head of Lighting
Martin Wareing Assistant Sound
Rob Burns Head of Properties
Rob Burns Pyrotechnics
Robert Richardson General Manager
Margaret Moll Company Manager
Wayne Thomas WArdrobe Head
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wigs
David Hoekstra Props Coordinator
Alison Palmer Dance Captain
Jim Allen Production Photography
Bruce Zinger Production Photography
Ross Petty Executive Producer
Patricia McKinna Associate Producer


B.D. Hillis Head Carpenter
Nigel Romeril Head Electrician
Gerry Fava Head Property Master