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Cats ()

Produced by

Classical Theatre Project and Nu Musical Theatricals and Starvox Entertainment

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Based on “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S. Eliot


May 28th - June 10th, 2013


June 11th, 2013 – September 22nd, 2013

Awards & Nominations

2014 Dora Award Nominee ~ Musical Theatre – Outstanding Performance by a Female (Ma-Anne Dionisio), Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble


Eric Abel Alonzo / Coricopat
Judy Kovacs Bombalurina
Cory O’Brien Bustopher Jones / Gus / Growltiger
Jaime Reid Cassandra
Marisa Falcone Demeter
Ma-Anne Dionisio Grizabella
Susan Cuthbert Jennyanydots / Jellylorum / Griddlebone
Devon Tullock Mr. Mistoffelees
Michael Donald Mungojerrie
Michel LaFleche Munkustrap
Charles Azulay Old Deuteronomy
Phillip Payne Plato / Macavity
Martin Samuel Rum Tum Tugger
Neesa Kenemy Rumpleteaser
Ashley St. John Sillabub
Jay T. Schramek Skimbleshanks
Kalie Hunter Tantomile
Lily McEvenue Victoria
Christy Adamson Swing
Austin Di Iulio Swing
Lorena Mackenzie Swing
Robert Yeretch Swing

Creative Team

Andrew Lloyd Webber Music
T.S. Eliot Author
Dave Campbell Director
Gino Berti Choreography Set by
Tim Webb Production Designer
Lona Davis Musical Director
Andrew Lloyd Webber Orchestrations
David Cullen Orchestrations
Lisa Magill Costume Designer
Peter McBoyle Sound Designer
Bradley A. Trenaman Lighting Designer
Dawn Rivard Wig Designer
Brad Cormier Makeup Design
Hagen Carlile Holographic ParaMotion Design
Paul Duffy Holographic ParaMotion Design
Zhen Liang Holographic ParaMotion Design
Zoran Vranjes Holographic ParaMotion Design
Trevor Nunn Original Director
John Napier Original Designer
Gillian Lynne Original Associate Director
Gillian Lynne Original Choreographer
Adam Harendorf Assistant Sound Designer
Mikael Kangas Assistant Lighting Designer
Andrea Nelson Assistant Lighting Designer
Alyssa Battersby Assistant to the Wig Designer
Angela McQueen Assistant to the Wig Designer


Steve Hunter Associate Conductor
Mark Camilleri Music Contractor
Lona Davis Keyboard 3
Steve Hunter Keyboard 1
Jamie Bestwick Bass
Bill Bridges Guitar
Mark Camilleri Keyboard 2
Lorne Grossman Percussion
Trent Reschney Woodwind
Pol Coussée Woodwind


Darragh Parsons Production Stage Manager
Zachary Klooster Technical Director
Alec Harmer Production Manager
Larissa Mair Casting
Carolyn Mykytyshyn Assistant Stage Manager
Kate Duncan Apprentice Stage Manager
Cameron Mackintosh Original Producer
Tanya Doroslovac CTP Lead
Carrie Sager Press Representative
Grant Ramsay Press Representative
Geoffrey Smith Executive Producer
Marlene Smith Producer
Corey Ross Producer
David Galpern Producer
Charles Roy Producer
Beth Hardcastle Assistant to the Producers
Douglas Merriman Assistant to the Producer
Peter Stovin-McDonald Production Assistant
Ming Wong Wardrobe Coordinator
James Bolton Wardrobe Assistant
Shawnte Clow Wardrobe Assistant
Jeanine Kropelin Wardrobe Assistant
Dianne Weinrib Publicist
Carrie Sager Publicist
Grant Ramsay Publicist
Racheal McCaig Production Photographer
Sheena Clowater Casting Assistant
Ernie Scheinfitz Internal Communications
Sinna Mozifian Production Accountant
Derrick Chua Legal Counsel


David Mirvish Producer
Wade Sheedy Head Technician
Nancy Hawkins Head of Wardrobe
Chris Ibbetson Head of Wigs