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Dr. Silver: A Celebration of Life ()

Produced by

Outside the March Theatre Company and The Musical Stage Company

Playwrights: Anika Johnson and Britta Johnson


Heliconian Hall


September 13-17, 2018


September 13th, 2018 – October 14th, 2018


This Fall you are invited to Toronto’s historic Heliconian Hall to celebrate the life of the mysterious and magnetic spiritual leader Dr. Leonard P. Silver. The festivities promise to be an enchanting experience; a sung-through, psychedelic dissolution into the transcendental power of music.



Rielle Braid Harmony Silver
Peter Deiwick Gordon Silver
Bruce Dow Timothy Sweetman
Donna Garner Caroline Silver
Kira Guloien Vera Silver
David Fox Voice of Dr. Silver
Britta Johnson Voice of Gail
Dave Autar Silver Singer
Mia Johnson Silver Singer
Zahra Khan Silver Singer
Abi Lee Silver Singer
Liam Lockhart-Rush Silver Singer
Alejandra Nunez Silver Singer
James Parchment Silver Singer
Danté Prince Silver Singer
Emmett Young Silver Singer
Jill Wood Silver Singer

Creative Team

Anika Johnson Book, Music & Lyrics
Britta Johnson Book, Music & Lyrics
Mitchell Cushman Director
Elizabeth Baird Music Director & Supervisor
Barbara Johnston Choreographer
Barbara Johnston Assistant Director
Adam Sakiyama Apprentice Music Director
Bram Gielen Arrangements
Nick Blais Production Designer
Anahita Dehbonehie Production Designer
Ken MacKenzie Production Designer
Nick Bottomley Video Designer
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Ishai Buchbinder "Key of Being" Ghostwriter


Adam Sakiyama Accompanist
Adam Sakiyama Conductor


Oz Weaver Production Manager
C.J. Astronomo Associate Production Manager
C.J. Astronomo Lighting Operator
C.J. Astronomo Crew Head
Kate Sandeson Stage Manager
Lucy McPhee Apprentice Stage Manager
Jonathan Corkal-Astorga Music Assistant
Danielle Carey Sound Operator
Zoe Danahy Front of House Manager
Lucy Meanwell Chaperone
Alex Vass Carpenter
Shannon Dickens Box Office Representative
Skye Monaghan Box Office Representative
Amy Swift Box Office Representative
Rais Clarke-Mendes Bartender
Nicholas LePage Bartender
Carly Fawcett Bartender


Paul Beauchamp Producer (The Musical Stage Company)
Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld Producer (Outside the March)
Griffin McInnes Associate Producer (Outside the March)
Robyn Hoja Production Coordinator (The Musical Stage Company)