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Enchanted Loom ()

Produced by

Cahoots Theatre Company and Factory Theatre

Playwright: Suvendrini Lena
Director: Marjorie Chan


Factory Studio Theatre


November 5 - 9, 2016


November 10th, 2016 – November 27th, 2016


The Sri Lankan civil war has left many scars on Thangan and his family, most noticeably the loss of his eldest son and crippling epileptic seizures brought on by his torture during the war. As the final days of the war play out; the family watches from Toronto, where a neurological procedure provides them with a chance to heal. This poetic play, part medical, part mystical is a harrowing tale of loss and hope that reminds us of the joys and pain of unconditional love for family, and freedom. (


Kawa Ada Kanan / Kavalan
Sam Kalilieh Thangan
Zorana Sadiq Sevi
Asha Vijayasingham Kavitha
Peter N. Bailey Dr. Wagdi
Beatriz Pizano Dr. Mendozza

Creative Team

Suvendrini Lena Playwright
Marjorie Chan Director
Karthy Chin Assistant Director
Marjorie Chan Dramaturge
Joanna Yu Set Designer
Joanna Yu Prop Designer
Joanna Yu Costume Designer
Cameron Davis Projection Designer
Cameron Davis Video Designer
Arun Srinivasan Lighting Designer
Suba Sankaran Sound Designer
Nova Bhattacharya Choreographer
Gabe Cropley Associate Lighting Designer


Sally Roberts Production Manager
Neha Ross Stage Manager
Deborah Lim Assistant Stage Manager
Matt Leckie Props Assistant
Laura Delchiaro Head of Wardrobe
Brett Hunter Technical Advisor
Dushy Gnanapragasam Cultural Consultant
Catherine MacKinnon Deaf Community Consultant
Catherine MacKinnon ASL Coach
Catherine MacKinnon Deaf Interpreter
Thurga Kanagasekarampillai Deaf Interpreter
Jessica Kingsbury ASL/English Interpreter
Rogue Benjamin Supporting ASL/English Interpreter
Gloria Brifoglio Supporting ASL/English Interpreter
Tara Lee Everett Supporting ASL/English Interpreter
Anna Lee Supporting ASL/English Interpreter
Silvia Wannam-Ivkovic Supporting ASL/English Interpreter


Jasmine Knox Production Manager
Josh Hoodless Technical Director