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Hardsell ()

Produced by

Necessary Angel Theatre Company and Wyrd Productions

Presented by

Factory Theatre

Creators: Rick Miller
Director: Daniel Brooks and Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks


Factory Mainspace Theatre


October 13th, 2011 – October 23rd, 2011


HARDSELL is a multimedia extravaganza that boldly examines the commodification of everything. Miller struts and frets his hour on the stage, selling, seducing and manipulating the audience with dazzling performance and design, while slyly exposing the lies inherent in advertising. (


Rick Miller Performer

Creative Team

Rick Miller Creator
Daniel Brooks Director
Rick Miller Director
Daniel Brooks Creator
Rick Miller Set Designer
Rick Miller Video Designer
Rick Miller Sound Designer
Rick Miller Composer
Beth Kates Set Designer
Beth Kates Video Designer
Beth Kates Lighting Designer
Beth Kates Costume Designer
Beth Kates Makeup Design
Ben Chaisson Set Designer
Ben Chaisson Video Designer
Ben Chaisson Sound Designer
Stephanie Graham Choreographer


Beth Kates Production Manager
Peter Eaton Associate Production Manager


Aaron Kelly Production Manager
Jamie Monteiro Technical Director
Alex Cannon Production Intern