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Hogtown: The Immersive Experience ()

Produced by

The Hogtown Collective

Director: Sam Rosenthal
Playwrights: Sam Rosenthal and Drew Carnwath


Campbell House


July 13th, 2017 – August 20th, 2017


It’s the night before a critical mayoral election that will determine the future of the city. Although prohibition is still in full effect that’s not stopping tonight’s host, union boss Bob Delacourt, from opening the doors to the hottest gin joint in the city, featuring the White Hot Jazz Band (hint: its in the basement).  Not exactly the place you’d expect to find the two front runners but tonight both incumbent Thomas Foster and his chief rival Councilman Sam McBride will make an appearance.

Foster is planning to broker a secret deal with Delacourt, since the union boss is the one with real power in this town. Problem is, Delacourt and his membership are currently backing McBride in the race. So tonight? Its time to play lets make a deal to become the next mayor of Toronto. Speaking of deals: rumour has it that kingpin Chicago rum-runner Franco Vitale is headed to Hogtown this very night to secure a bootlegging foothold on the city. But thats just the beginning  (


Ben Bain Eddie Smalls
Tara Baxendale Mary O'Grady Hunt
Jerome Bourgault Thomas Foster
Mélanie Bray Dr. Libby Prowse (August 6-20)
Susie Burnett Katie O'Malley (July 13-31)
Mercy Cherian Katie O'Malley (August 1-20)
Jonathan Ellul Tanner Busch
Jaymee Fuczek Eleanor O'Grady Hunt
Gord Gammie Ben Stein
Arinea Hermans Toni Swift
Kirstin Hinton Fanny McBride
Andrea Irwin Pauline Drabble
Derek Keurvorst Jackson Busch / Lol Solman
Michael Lamport Mad Tom
Laura Larson Louise “Lulu” Hearts
Eric McDace Tommy Burt
Jorge Molina Gil Shwartz
Claire Frances Muir Dr. Libby Prowse (July 13-August 5)
Michelle Piller Cali-Mays Johnson
Mark Prince Sam McBride
Matt Richardson Detective Hank Dyer
Karen Slater Maddy Foster
Sappho Hansen Smythe Ronnie McBride
Emma Wiechers Anastasia
Dan Willmott Bob Delacourt
Jeremy LaPalme Cover
Mike Lummis Cover
Jessica Watters Cover
Drew Carnwath Cover
Sam Rosenthal Bob Delecourt Cover

Creative Team

Sam Rosenthal Director
Sam Rosenthal Playwright
Drew Carnwath Playwright
Nicola Pantin Choreographer
Nicola Pantin Assistant Director
Doug Price Musical Director
Christine Ting-Huan 挺歡 Urquhart Set Designer
Jan Venus Costume Designer
Claire Hill Lighting Designer
Paul Humphrey Composer
Paul Humphrey Sound Designer
Matt Richardson Fight Director


Colin Frotten Accompanist
Tara Litvack Substitute Accompanist


Virginia Cardinal Stage Manager
Laura Lakatosh Assistant Stage Manager
Sam Rosenthal Producer
Drew Carnwath Producer
Susan Waycik Marketing Manager
Eric McDace Marketing Media Creator
Laura Larson Dance Captain
Jarrett Stoll Administrative Intern