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Kelly v. Kelly ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage and The Musical Stage Company

Book: Sara Farb
Music: Britta Johnson
Director: Tracey Flye


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


May 26-31, 2023


May 26th, 2023 – June 18th, 2023


Inspired by true events from 1915 in New York, KELLY v. KELLY reveals the story of a mother and daughter divided by passion, money and what it means to be a woman at a time of huge societal change. When a 19-year-old heiress becomes tangled in an affair with a seductive tango dancer, her distraught mother has her arrested and charged with incorrigibility, sparking a court case that scandalizes the nation.

Featuring an electrifying musical score and mesmeric choreography, the inaugural production of KELLY v. KELLY will take you inside the imaginations of two of Canada’s most celebrated musical theatre forces.

KELLY v. KELLY is the third production in The Crescendo Series, a three-year commitment by The Musical Stage Company to produce the work of Britta Johnson and her collaborators. (


Dave Ball Roger Larson, Captain Tango, George, Ensemble
Joel Cumber Lawyer, Charles, Ensemble
Peter Fernandes Detective Welch, Long John Tango, Ensemble
Eva Foote Eugenia Kelly
Mike Jackson Judge, Edward, Ensemble
Julia McLellan Mildred, Helen's Mother, Ensemble
Jessica Sherman Helen Kelly
Margaret Thompson Gloria, Lillian, Ensemble
Kelsey Verzotti Maria, Ensemble
Jeremy Walmsley Al Davis

Creative Team

Sara Farb Book
Tracey Flye Director
Tracey Flye Choreographer
Dave Ball Fight Captain
Dave Ball Dance Captain
Lorenzo Savoini Set Designer
Lorenzo Savoini Lighting Designer
Alex Amini Costume Designer
Brian Kenny Sound Designer
Adam Sergison Associate Choreographer
Anita Nittoly Fight Director


Britta Johnson Music & Lyrics
Lynne Shankel Music Supervisor
Lynne Shankel Orchestrator & Arranger
Jonathan Corkal-Astorga Music Director
Benjamin Kersey Assistant to the Music Director
Ryan Driscoll Copyist
Jonathan Corkal-Astorga Piano
Sasha Boychouk Woodwinds
Jessica Deutsch Violin/Mandolin
Anna Atkinson Accordion/Viola
Erik Larson Bass


Andrei Mazuruc Production Manager
Lisa Humber Stage Manager
Kat Chin Assistant Stage Manager
Lisa Nighswander Head of Props
Paul Boddum Head Scenic Artist
Luciano Decicco Production Assistant