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Lil’ Red Robin Hood ()

Produced by

Ross Petty Productions

Writer: Matt Murray
Director: Tracey Flye


Winter Garden Theatre


November 29th, 2019 – January 4th, 2020


The adventure begins in 2019 Toronto where our hero, Lil’ Red, is magically transported to the 16th century and lands in Sherway Gardens Forest. Robin Hood, Maid Marion, and Friar Tuck join Lil’ Red in defeating the evil Sheriff of Naughtyham. Start practicing your boos! (


AJ Bridel Maid Marion
Michael De Rose Sugarbum
Eddie Glen Marvin
Sara-Jeanne Hosie Sheriffe of Naughtyham
Lawrence Libor Robin Hood
Robert Markus Lil' Red
Daniel Williston Tee / Friar Tuck
Evan Benyacar Ensemble / Understudy for Marvin
Mariah Campos Ensemble / Understudy for Maid Marion
Julia Juhas Ensemble / Understudy for Sheriffe of Naughtyham
Gray Monczka Ensemble / Understudy for Tee/Friar Tuck & Robin Hood
Tyler Pearse Ensemble / Understudy for Lil' Red
Conor Scully Ensemble / Understudy for Sugarbum
Genny Sermonia Ensemble

Creative Team

Matt Murray Writer
Tracey Flye Director
Tracey Flye Choreographer
Joseph Tritt Music Director
Bob Foster Music Arrangements
Bob Foster Orchestrations
Cory Sincennes Set Designer
Michael Gianfrancesco Costume Designer
Cameron Davis Projection Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Peter McBoyle Sound Designer
Jennifer Mote Assistant Choreographer
Connor Delaney Assistant Sound Designer
Frank Donato Lighting Design Assistant


Joseph Tritt Keyboards 1
Michael Lerner Keyboards 2
Wilson Laurencin Drums
Peter Bleakney Electric Bass
David Gray Guitar
Colleen Allen Saxophone
David Dunlop Trumpet


Jessica Severin Stage Manager
Sarah Miller Assistant Stage Manager
Théa Pel Assistant Stage Manager
Troy Taylor Script Supervisor
Bob Foster Musical Supervision
Genny Sermonia Dance Captain
Patrick Lavender Production Manager
Andrei Mazuruc Associate Production Manager
Vanessa Janiszewski Props Coordinator
Michelle Galuszka Company Manager
Kayleigh Pike Production Assistant
James Taylor Props Builder
Marlee Bygate Costume Construction (Lead)
Geoff Hughes Costume Construction
Susan Dicks Costume Construction
Carly Beamish Stitcher
Ashley Gennuso Stitcher
Sandra Mandich Stitcher
Bianca Tufford Stitcher
Jack Willoughby Carpenter
Ivan Lukianiuk Fly Floor
Randy Dament Fly Floor
Brent McLaughlin Lighting
Victor Derus Followspot Operator
Robert Orzechowski Followspot Operator
Vivianne Cowley Props
Colleen Pilger Props
Michael Laird Sound (Head)
Kamil Wrzesniewski Sound (Assistant)
Peder Pederson AV
Gail Nolan Wardrobe Head
Kathy Burkett Dresser
Michael Legouffe Dresser
Jean Murdoch Dresser
Chris Ibbetson Wigs (Head)
Angela McQueen Wigs
Ross Petty Producer
Rob Richardson General Manager
Bruce Zinger Production Photography
Racheal McCaig Production Photography
Reid Janisse In-Show Commercial Writer
Mike Fly In-Show Commercial Production
Lesslie Quinn Marketing and Promotions
Keith Tomasek Social Media Marketing
Ashley Belmer Media Relations
Jenny Cheng Production Accountant


Jim Nutt Head Carpenter
Lars Tilander Head Electrician
Mark Fisher Head of Properties
Robin Johnston Head of Sound