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Robin Hood ()

Produced by

Ross Petty Productions

Playwright: Chris Earle
Director: Ted Dykstra


Elgin Theatre


November 26th, 2009 – January 3rd, 2010


The Prince of Thieves must win over Maid Marion while continuing to elude the Sheriff of Nottingham, CEO of Nottingham Lumber, who is about to raze Sherwood Forest in order to keep his company the leader in its field . . . maker of toothpicks, bathroom tissue and catapults since 1732. (


Dan Chameroy Nurse Plumbum Von Botox
Jessica Holmes Eyuba, Queen of the Forest
Ross Petty Sheriff of Nottingham
Yvan Pedneault Jacques le Rock
Eva Avila Maid Marian
Jeff Irving Robin Hood
Colin Heath Pinch
Scott Hurst Friar Tuck
Jaz Sealey L'il Sean John
Christy Adamson Ensemble / Understudy for Eyuba
Kelly Fletcher Ensemble
David Light Ensemble / Understudy for Shakes, Friar Tuck & Jacques La Rock
David Lopez Ensemble / Understudy for Nurse Plumbum Von Botox
Stephen Roberts Ensemble / Understudy for Shingles & Pinch
Jen Shaw Ensemble / Understudy for Maid Marian
Justin Stadnyk Shingles / Understudy for Robin Hood
Adam Stevenson Shakes / Understudy for Sheriff of Nottingham & L'il Sean John

Creative Team

Chris Earle Playwright
Ted Dykstra Director
Bob Foster Music Director
Steve Ross Lighting Designer
John Stead Fight Director
Peter McBoyle Sound Designer
Wendy Greenwood Assistant Lighting Designer
J.C. Oliver Set Designer
David Hoekstra Prop Designer
Erika Connor Costume Designer
Tracey Flye Choreographer


Bob Foster Keyboard I
Michael Vieira Keyboard II
David Gray Guitar
Jon Maharaj Bass
Andy Ballantyne Reed I
Kevan McKenzie Drums
Steve Crowe Trumpet / Steward
Joel Green Trombone


Sam Lutfiyya Music Coordinator
Levon Ichkhanian Deputy Contractor
Margaret Moll General Manager
Dora Tomassi Stage Manager
Julian Sleath Production Manager
Rebecca Bliss Company Manager
Stefan Lenzi Assistant Production Manager
Corey Agnew Assistant to the Director
Kelly Fletcher Dance Captain
Jaz Sealey Fight Captain
Lauren Page Russell Props Buyer
Lauren Page Russell Props Builder
Lars Tilander Head of Lighting
Marshall Paul Head of Sound
Jana Osterman Scenic Painter
Michael Legouffe Wardrobe Head
Jenny Fraser Dresser
Stephen McMulkin Dresser
Sara Moodie Dresser
Penny Hanford Dresser
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wigs and Hair
Kathleen Johnston Head of Costume Build
Lina Falomkina Costume Construction
Laura Gardner Costume Construction
Ilana Harendorf Costume Construction
Heidi Loney Costume Construction
Martino Nguyen Costume Construction
Joanna Yu Costume Construction
Bruce Zinger Photographer
Hugh Gibson Video Production
Carl Elster Video Production


Dana Johnston Production Manager
Derek Dresser Operations Manager
Grant Hawkins Operations Assistant
Gerry Fava Head of Properties
Dave Hillis Head Carpenter
Grant Hawkins Production Assistant
Lars Tilander Head Electrician