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Salt-Water Moon ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Playwright: David French
Director: Ravi Jain


CAA Theatre


October 12th, 2017 – October 29th, 2017


The First World War is over and every day, the villages of Newfoundland are abandoned for a new life in the big city. Under the light of the moon, two former lovers meet to confront their past choices and contemplate a possible future – together. Director Ravi Jain reimagines this beloved Canadian classic about love, loss, and reconciliation through an intercultural lens, asking the question, “Can you ever truly return home?” (


Kawa Ada Jacob Mercer
Mayko Nguyen Mary Snow
Ania Soul Narrator

Creative Team

David French Playwright
Ravi Jain Director
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Kaileigh Krysztofiak Lighting Designer


Ania Soul Musician


Jasmine Knox Production Manager
Tamara Protic Stage Manager
Troy Taylor Apprentice Stage Manager
David Mirvish Producer
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
Scot Whitham Director of Production
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Charles Chu Associate General Manager
Sarah Sisko Assistant Producer
Hannah Mirvish General Management Associate
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Nathan Giles Production Manager
Anika Nater Assistant Company Manager


Ron Jacobson General Manager
Kevin McCarthy Maintenance Manager
Jason Browning House Head Technician
G. Stuart Baulch Assistant House Head Technician
Elena Rakitskaya Head of Wardrobe