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The Cardinals ()

Produced by

Stan’s Cafe

Director: James Yarker

Devised by the cast.


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


February 12th, 2015 – February 15th, 2015


In near silence, a trio of red-robed evangelizing cardinals perform their abbreviated version of the Bible, ably assisted by their young, Muslim, female stage-manager. But the frame of theatre is a bit too large, the props unruly, and mythologized history – from Genesis to the Crusades to the West Bank – will not serve easily to communicate their message of sacrifice and redemption. Odd and hilarious, Stan’s Cafe’s newest performance is an apparently simple meditation on the labour that goes into belief and the possibility of interfaith cooperation. Meticulously directed by master-craftsman James Yarker, The Cardinals presents a pageant of images struggling to determine their meaning. (


Gerard Bell Performer
Rochi Rampal Performer
Graeme Rose Performer
Craig Stephens Performer

Creative Team

Alia Alzougbi Additional Devising
James Yarker Director
Miguel Angel Bravo Scenic Designer
Harry Trow Props Buyer
Harry Trow Props Builder
Kay Wilton Costume Designer
Paul Arvidson Lighting Designer


Harry Trow Stage Manager
Graeme Braidwood Photography
Simon Ford Graphic Designer
Oliver Clark Video
Danni Leppier Production Assistant