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The Color Purple ()

Produced by

Mirvish Productions

Book: Marsha Norman
Music: Brenda Russell and Allee Willis and Stephen Bray
Lyrics: Brenda Russell and Allee Willis and Stephen Bray
Director: Gary Griffin


CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre


February 10th, 2009 – March 15th, 2009


Carol Dennis Church Soloist / Ensemble / Understudy for Sofia
Kimberly Ann Harris Church Lady (Doris) / Ensemble / Understudy for Sofia
Virginia Ann Woodruff Church Lady (Darlene) / Ensemble
Lynette Dupree Church Lady (Jarene) / Ensemble / Understudy for Sofia
Doug Eskew Preacher / Prison Guard / Ensemble / Understudy for Ol' Mister
Quentin Earl Darrington Pa / Chief / Ensemble / Understudy for Mister & Ol' Mister
LaToya London Nettie
Kenita R. Miller Celie
Rufus Bonds Jr. Mister
Stu James Harpo
Felicia P. Fields Sofia
Stephanie St. James Squeak
Angela Robinson Shug Avery
Adam Wade Ol' Mister
Lesly Terrell Donald Buster / Bobby / Ensemble / Understudy for Harpo
Horace V. Rogers Grady / Ensemble / Understudy for Mister
Stephanie Guiland-Brown Daisy / Ensemble / Understudy for Squeak
Hollie Wright Older Olivia / Ensemble
Grasan Kingsberry Older Adam / Ensemble
Darius Crenshaw Ensemble
Anika Ellis Ensemble / Understudy for Shug Avery
Dameka Hayes Ensemble / Understudy for Squeak
Chauncey Jenkins Ensemble
Kristopher Thompson-Bolden Ensemble / Understudy for Harpo
Brian Harlan Brooks Swing
Andre Garner Swing / Understudy for Harpo
LaTrisa A. Harper Swing / Understudy for Nettie
Phyre Hawkins Swing / Understudy for Celie
LaTonya Holmes Understudy for Celie, Nettie & Squeak
Tiffany Daniels Squeak
Shani M. Borden Older Olivia / Ensemble
Reva Rice Ensemble / Understudy for Shug Avery & Church Ladies

Creative Team

Marsha Norman Book
Brenda Russell Music
Allee Willis Music
Stephen Bray Music
Brenda Russell Lyrics
Allee Willis Lyrics
Stephen Bray Lyrics
Gary Griffin Director
Seymour Red Press National Music Coordinator
Sheilah Walker Music Director
John Lee Beatty Scenic Designer
Jon Weston Sound Designer
Brian MacDevitt Lighting Designer
Paul Tazewell Costume Designer
Charles LaPointe Hair Designer
Kevin Stites Musical Supervision
Donald Byrd Choreographer
Angelina Avallone Makeup Designer
Robin McFarquhar Fight Director
Nona Lloyd Assistant Director
Mark T. Simpson Associate Lighting Designer
Stephanie Guiland-Brown Associate Choreographer
Yoshi Tanokura Associate Scenic Designer
Michael F. McAleer Associate Costume Designer
Jennifer Halpern Assistant Costume Designer
Michael Zecker Assistant Costume Designer
Jennifer M. Schriever Associate Lighting Designer
Jason Strangfeld Associate Sound Designer


Victor Simonson Keyboard I
Darryl Ivey Keyboard II
Greg Diakun Keyboard II Substitute
Janet Horne-Cozens Violin II
Lenny Solomon Violin I (Concert Master)
Bridget LaMarche-Brown Viola
George Meanwell Cello
Vern Dorge Reeds I
John Johnson Reeds II
Don Englert Reeds III
Steve McDade Trumpet I
Steve Crowe Trumpet II
Charles Heath Drums
Gord Myers Trombone
Andy Blanco Percussion
Felton Offard Guitar
James Tait Guitar
Scott Alexander Bass
Darryl Ivey Assistant Conductor
Victor Simonson Associate Conductor
Daryl Waters Dance Music Arrangements
Joseph Joubert Additional Music Arrangements
Kevin Stites Incidental Music Arrangements
Jonathan Tunick Orchestrations


Rick Whitelaw Toronto Orchestra Contractor
Katharine Edmonds Music Copyist
Emily Grishman Music Copyist
Brian Harlan Brooks Dance Captain
Arthur Siccardi Production Manager
Curtis Cowley Production Manager
Kristen Harris Production Supervisor
Michael McEowen Production Stage Manager
Lisa J. Snodgrass Stage Manager
Sharika Niles Assistant Stage Manager
Oprah Winfrey Producer
Scott Sanders Lead Producer
Roy Furman Producer
Quincy Jones Producer
Anna Fantaci Producer
Cheryl Lachowicz Producer
David Lowy Producer
Stephanie P. McClelland Producer
Gary Winnick Producer
Jan Kallish Producer
Bob Weinstein Producer
Harvey Weinstein Producer
Andrew Asnes Producer
Adam Zotovich Producer
Todd Johnson Producer
Amy Jacobs General Manager
Chris Danner Company Manager
Miguel Ortiz Assistant Company Manager
Michael Sanfilippo Company Manager Emeritus
Jacob A. Climer Assistant to the Costume Designer
Greg Bloxham Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Leah Loukas Assistant to the Hair Designer
David Arch Automated Lighting Programmer
Grasan Kingsberry Fight Captain
Linda Gates Dialect Coach
Jamal Story Assistant to the Choreographer
Herbie Woodruff Head Carpenter
Kurt Crittenden Advance Carpenter
Michael Moore Assistant Carpenter
Michael Moore Assistant Automation
Paul Ebert Assistant Carpenter
James Gormley Flyman
James Fedigan Production Electrician
Rick Tatum Head Electrician
Collier Woods Advance Electrician
Kevin Richie Assistant Electrician
Karl Lawrence Assistant Electrician
Ronnie Sukinik Assistant Electrician
Phillip Lojo Production Sound
Wes Shaffer Head Sound
Mitch Tracy Advance Sound
Todd Higgins Assistant Sound
Michael Pilipski Production Properties
Joe Crocco Head of Properties
Dean Burchett Assistant Prop Designer
Megan McGilvery Wardrobe Supervisor
Stephanie Marra Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
M’Lissa Prottengeir Advance Wardrobe
Joy Marcelle Hair Supervisor
Debbie Reynolds Hair Assistant
Bruce Samuels Synthesizer Programming
Timothy Juhl Production Assistant
Lindsey Miller Production Assistant
David Mirvish Producer
Scot Whitham Head of Production
Nathan Giles Production Coordinator
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Patti McCabe Production Assistant
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Rachael Mirvish Associate Producer
Anne Mirvish Creative Consultant
Sarah Sisko General Management Assistant
Charles Chu Senior Company Manager
Grace Tadgell Assistant Company Manager
Erin O’Hanley Company Management Assistant


Ron Jacobson General Manager
Marie Holowaty House Manager
Nigel Romeril Head Electrician
Frank Galle Head Carpenter
Sean Poole Head Flyman
Paul Axford Head of Properties
Steve Devine Head of Sound
Kevin McCarthy Maintenance Manager