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The End of Civilization ()

Produced by

Triple ByPass Productions

Playwright: George F. Walker
Director: Erin McCann


Fraser Studios


April 9th, 2015 – April 19th, 2015


What happens to suburban privilege and entitlement when the rules of “civilization” no longer apply? When “working hard” and “being a decent person” takes you from the front of the line to the soup kitchen line?  In George F Walker’s “The End of Civilization,” we bear witness to the collapse of a suburban family’s safety net as they crack under the pressure of one too many #firstworldproblems.  A housewife terrified of missing a mortgage payment turns to prostitution… After 2 years of job hunting, her depressed husband starts killing the competition. His reasoning? “Ass kissers deserve to die.” And then someone starts putting bombs in dumpsters… Things could literally explode at any moment! (


Chris Whitby Henry
Amanda Armagon Lily
TJ Cheslea Danny
Melanie Pyne Sandy
Thom Zimerle Max

Creative Team

George F. Walker Playwright
Erin McCann Director
Chelsea Dab Hilke Assistant Director
Erin McCann Sound Designer
Simone Saunders Set Designer
Murphy Diggon Lighting Designer


Murphy Diggon Stage Manager
Erin McCann Original Artwork & Graphic Design