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The Other Place ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage

Playwright: Sharr White
Director: Daniel Brooks


Bluma Appel Theatre


January 18th, 2015 – February 8th, 2015


Juliana Smithton is a successful neurologist whose life seems to be falling apart around her. Her husband has filed for divorce, her daughter has eloped with a much older man, and her own health is declining. But in this brilliantly troubling and unexpectedly humorous play, nothing is as it seems. Piece by piece, a mystery unfolds as fact blurs with fiction, the past collides with the present and the elusive truth about Juliana begins to surface. (


Tamsin Kelsey Juliana
Jim Mezon Ian
Haley McGee The Woman
Joe Cobden The Man

Creative Team

Sharr White Playwright
Daniel Brooks Director
Rosanna Saracino Assistant Director
Birgit Schreyer Duarte Dramaturge
Judith Bowden Set Designer
Judith Bowden Costume Designer
Michael Walton Lighting Designer
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Jamie Nesbitt Projection Designer
Brian Kenny Assistant Sound Designer


Nancy Dryden Stage Manager
Ashley Ireland Assistant Stage Manager
Simon Clemo Technical Director
Phil Atfield Wardrobe
Lily Messerhuber Wardrobe
Sharon Ryman Hair and Makeup Consultant
Alanna McConnell Production Assistant


R. Allan Ross Director of Production
Jasmine Knox Production Coordinator
Billy Wolf Assistant Technical Director
Mike Souliere Operations Manager
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Vanessa Janiszewski Props Builder
Alex Vass Props Builder
Danny Tran Metcalf Foundation Props Intern
Ilana Harendorf Head of Wardrobe
Susan Batchelor Bluma Wardrobe Mistress
Ashley Rose Head Electrician
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter
Keijo Makela Sound Operator
Kevin Lake Flyman
Kevin Lake Theatre Technician