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Wildwoman ()

Produced by

Soulpepper Theatre Company

Director: Kat Sandler
Playwright: Kat Sandler


The Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


October 5th, 2023 – October 29th, 2023


Based on the shocking true story that inspired Beauty and the Beast, WILDWOMAN examines the lives of three very different women as they wrestle for survival and legacy in the 16th Century French Court of King Henry II.

Newly-arrived in France, Queen-to-be Catherine de Medici must contend with her unruly husband, a scheming maidservant and the king’s much-older mistress, as she struggles to give the kingdom what it needs most: an heir. But it’s Pete, the King’s pet wildman, a caged-oddity kept for amusement, who has the most surprising impact on their lives.

A viciously bold and sexy comedy, WILDWOMAN explores cyclical notions of gender, class and power, while asking what happens when we let the monster out. (


Rosemary Dunsmore Didi
Dan Mousseau Pete
Rose Napoli Catherine
Tony Ofori Henry
Gabriella Sundar Singh Kitty

Creative Team

Kat Sandler Director
Kat Sandler Playwright
Luke Reece Associate Director
Nick Blais Set Designer
Michelle Tracey Costume Designer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Maddie Bautista Sound Designer
Maddie Bautista Composer
Anita Nittoly Intimacy Director
Anita Nittoly Fight Director
Angel Everett Assistant Set Designer


Rachel Moore Script Coordinator
Tamara Protic Stage Manager
Seren Brooke Lannon Assistant Stage Manager
Christopher Blanchenot Scenic Painter
Paul Boddum Head Scenic
Greg Chambers 1st Props Builder
Greg Chambers Props Buyer
Allan Cooke Prosthetics Artist
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wig Head
Andy DeVries Head Carpenter
Stephanie Dilnot Dresser
Erin Halls Stitcher
Geoff Hughes Cutter
Christopher Jacobs Dresser
Ellie Koffman Head of Wardrobe
Dalton Villeneuve-Marini Deck Hand
Lisa Nighswander Head of Properties
Kalina Popova Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Ethan Robinson Lighting Operator
Andres Castillo-Smith Audio Operator
Bill Stahl 1st Carpenter
Celina Westlake Second Stitcher
Emma Zulkoskey Breakdown Artist


Annie Clarke Producer
Robyn Hoja Producer
Julia Carrano Associate Producer
Jasmine Knox Senior Production Manager
Julian Bulof Technical Director
Nicholas Beardsley Assistant Technical Director
Rhett Costin Assistant Technical Director
Alex Edwards Production Assistant