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Hardsell ()

Produced by

Necessary Angel Theatre Company and Wyrd Productions

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Creators: Rick Miller and Daniel Brooks
Director: Daniel Brooks


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


April 13-15, 2009


April 16th, 2009 – May 9th, 2009


An endless torrent of jokes, jingles, voices, and people, including Richard Dawkins, Stephen Lewis, Morgan Freeman, Bugs Bunny, and Rick Miller, invade the mind of a defenseless clown and ruin his life. HARDSELL is a multimedia extravaganza that slyly exposes the lies inherent in advertising.



Rick Miller Performer

Creative Team

Rick Miller Creator
Daniel Brooks Creator
Daniel Brooks Director
Ben Chaisson Set Designer
Beth Kates Set Designer
Beth Kates Costume Designer
Beth Kates Makeup Design
Beth Kates Projection Designer
Ben Chaisson Projection Designer
Beth Kates Lighting Designer
Ravi Jain Assistant Director
Anne May Wig


Tanya Greve Stage Manager
Andrea Lundy Production Manager
Stephanie Graham Choreography Consultant


Alistair Hepburn Director of Production
Chris Carlton Technical Director
Wendy Ryder Assistant Technical Director
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
William Sovie Props Builder
Shelley McCafferty Props Builder
Eric Meadows Head Technician
Colin Benoit Junior Technician