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Hogtown: The Immersive Experience ()

Produced by

The Hogtown Collective

Playwrights: Sam Rosenthal and Drew Carnwath
Director: Sam Rosenthal


Campbell House


July 6th, 2016 – August 28th, 2016


Welcome to Campbell House, 1926. It’s the night before a critical mayoral election that will determine the future of the city. Although prohibition is still in full effect that’s not stopping tonight’s host, union boss Bob Delacourt, from opening the doors to the hottest gin joint in the city, featuring the White Hot Jazz Band (hint: it’s in the basement).  Not exactly the place you’d expect to find the two frontrunners… but tonight both incumbent Thomas Foster and his chief rival, Councilman Sam McBride, will make an appearance. Foster is planning to broker a secret deal with Delacourt, since the union boss is the one with real power in this town. Problem is, Foster knows Delacourt and his membership are currently backing McBride in the race. So tonight? It’s time to play ‘let’s make a deal’ to become the next mayor of Toronto. (


Drew Carnwath Ben Stein
Michelle Suzanne Cali-Mays Johnson
Ben Bain Eddie Smalls / Cover for Donato Granta
Tara Baxendale Mary O'Grady Hunt
Lea Beauvais Diana Sparks / Cover for Maddy Foster
Conrad Bergschneider Donato Granta
Jerome Bourgault Thomas Foster / Cover for Lol Solman
Matthew Bradley Tanner Busch / Cover for Tommy Burt
Mélanie Bray Janice Waterton / Cover for Libby Prowse
Susie Burnett Fanny McBride (Fridays in July) / Katie O'Malley (Half weeks)
Robert Clarke Police Chief Draper / Cover for Thomas Foster
Gabi Epstein Madeline "Maddy" Foster
Ariel Fiess Cover for Toni Swift and Janice Waterton
Dana Fradkin Ronnie McBride
Sam Gaetz Elanor O'Grady Hunt
Shane Gramlich Cover for Chief Draper
Nigel Hamer Cover for Bob Delacourt and Mad Tom
Sappho Hansen Smythe Ronnie McBride / Cover for Eleanor O'Grady Hunt
Laura Harding Katie O'Malley
Arinea Hermans Cover for Toni, Sally, Diana, Anastasia, and Janice Waterton
Kirstin Hinton Fanny McBride
Kelly Holiff Louise "Lulul" Heart
Bobby Hsu Joey Fitzroy / Sax Player
Harry Judge Tommy Burt
Lori Nancy Kalamanski Libby Prowse
Michael Lamport Mad Tom
Jeremy LaPalme Jackson Bush (Wed & Sun)
Laura Larson Anastasia / Lulu (Beginning August 8th)
David W. Keeley Bob Delacourt
Nicole Marie McCafferty Toni Swift
Scott McCulloch Solly Schwartz
Eric McDace Cover for Ben Stein and Hank Dwyer
Jorge Molina Gil Schwartz
Claire Frances Muir Sarah Jane Mable
Dov Mickelson Tracy Doyle
Trish O’Reilly-Brennan June Mabel Mercy
Scott Pietrangelo Louie J.J. / Cover for Donato Granta and Cali-May Johnson
Allan Price Lol Solman
Nora Sheehan Marilyn Foster
Karen Slater Pauline Drabble
Jane Spence Fanny McBride
Matt Richardson Sir Joseph Flavelle / Hank Dyer
Siobhan Richardson Katie O'Malley
David Rosser Sam McBride
Esther Thibault Cover for June-Mable Mercy and Marilyn Foster
Jessica Watters Sally / Pauline Drabble (Sat and Sun Mat) / Cover for Toni Swift
Tim Ziegler Jackson Busch
Emma Wiechers Cover for Toni Swift, Sally, and Anastasia

Creative Team

Sam Rosenthal Playwright
Drew Carnwath Playwright
Sam Rosenthal Director
Drew Carnwath Story Editor
Nicola Pantin Assistant Director
Nicola Pantin Choreographer
Michelle Suzanne Music Director
Paul Humphrey Composer
Paul Humphrey Sound Designer
Jan Venus Costume Designer
David Wootton Set Designer
David Wootton Props
Matt Richardson Fight Director
Siobhan Richardson Assistant Fight Director


Michael Panich Stage Manager
Ilan Waldman Technical Director
Virginia Cardinal Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Lakatosh Assistant Stage Manager
Nik Murillo Marketing
Nik Murillo Graphic Designer
Susan Waycik On-Site Marketing Coordinator
Lea Beauvais Dance Captain