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The Water Thief ()

Produced by

The Twelfth House

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creators: Amy Siegel and Sean Frey


St. John’s Polish National Catholic Cathedral


August 7th, 2014 – August 15th, 2014


Prepare to enter a magical realm where nothing is quite as it seems. A seaside town on the edge of time. A dream that never ends. A giant clock. An old man. A whale.

This audience-immersive spectacle employs film, performance, live music, shadow puppetry and dance to take you on an enchanted journey through the depths of the ocean into the vivid and wild world of the afterlife.

Emerging from the imaginations of Dora-nominated theatre designer Sean Frey and multimedia artist Amy Siegel, The Water Thief is a haunting fable set in an abandoned East Coast town.

Featuring music by Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink), choreography by Bee Pallomina (Public Recordings) and set design by Chris Clifford.  (


Brittany Brooks Shadow Performer
Sean Frey Shadow Performer
Bee Pallomina Shadow Performers
Stephen Quinlan Shadow Performer
Amy Siegel Shadow Performer
Bertholet Charron Film Actor

Creative Team

Amy Siegel Creator
Sean Frey Creator
Clea Minaker Performance Director
Bee Pallomina Choreographer
Bee Pallomina Collaborator
Daniela Gesundheit Musical Director
Chris Clifford Technical Designer
Johhny Cann Design Assistant
Stephen Quinlan Creative Collaborator
Marianne Alas Costume Designer
Debora Siegel Assistant Costume Designer
Natasha Greenblatt Outside Eye
Gabriel Levine Outside Eye
Noah Kenneally Outside Eye
Dan Goldman Music Arrangements


Daniela Gesundheit Vocals / Guitar
Alex Samaras Vocals
Dan Goldman Guitar
Evan Cartwright Percussion / Vocals
Taylor McGee Violin / Vocals


David Costello Stage Manager
Chris Clifford Technical Director
Johhny Cann Technical Assistant
Roxanne Luchak Technical Assistant
Michaud Garneau Brains and Brawn