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Lindsay Junkin

Administration Director, Costume Designer, Prop Designer, Set Designer, Stage Manager

Awards & Nominations

2015 Toronto Theatre Critics Award - Best Design (Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play)2015 Dora Award Nominee (Independent Theatre Division) - Outstanding Costume Design (Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play)

Costume Designer

The Men in White () Costume Designer
Anywhere () Costume Designer
Jerusalem () Costume Designer
Bang Bang () Costume Designer
Cloud () Costume Designer
Miss () Costume Designer
Tough Jews () Costume Designer
TomorrowLove™ () Costume Designer
The Two-Character Play () Costume Designer
then, then. () Costume Designer
Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play () Costume Designer
Lobby Hero () Costumes
Of Shapes Transformed by Love () Costumes

Prop Designer

Chasse-Galerie () Prop Designer
Lobby Hero () Props
Of Shapes Transformed by Love () Props

Set Designer

Cloud () Set Designer
Chasse-Galerie () Set Designer
The Two-Character Play () Set Designer

Stage Manager

Callaghan! & the Wings of a Butterfly () Stage Manager


Unit 102 Actors Co. Administration Director
Sex T-Rex